RUMOR: Apple prepping, already shipping revised ‘iSight 2’

“Apple’s iSight has quietly been missing from action these last few weeks as dealer stock has dried up with no further units are expected until September. Reliable sources indicate that ‘iSight 2’ is in production, but internal documents provided to Think Secret indicate that the camera’s feature set remains unchanged,” Ryan Katz reports for

According to ThinkSecret, the new iSight model simply contains updated mounting hardware to attach magnetically to Apple’s new displays and there are some reports of customers already receiving the new iSight models.

Full article here.


  1. I wonder how such an obvious fact (aluminum is not magnetic) get past ThinkSecret AND MDN. I can’t believe that our society is becoming THAT ignorant about the world around them.

  2. Arygaetu: Please explain this from the Apple site;
    “iSight Accessory Kit
    The iSight Accessory Kit is for the mobile lifestyle of the iSight user. You can keep iSight mounts and cable adapters permanently connected to your multiple work stations, put them in your travel bags, or have spares around just in case.

    The kit includes four multipurpose mounts: a magnetic mount for new Anodized Aluminum flat-panel displays, a flat-panel iMac mount, eMac and desktop mount, PowerBook and iBook mount, along with three FireWire cable adapters and one FireWire 6-6 pin, 1.8m cable.”

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