Apple’s patented chameleon computer case could have many uses

“Apple has patented the concept of the chameleonic computer – a machine whose shell changes colour at the user’s whim,” Tony Smith reports for The Register. “The patent, number 20040156192 was filed in February 2004 and finally granted on 12 August… Might this be a feature of the next generation of iMac? At this stage, it’s too early to say. Having maintained a single colour scheme – white and chrome – for its consumer computers, Apple may now be looking at returning to the iMac’s most successful period, when the machine shipped in a range of bright colours.” Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: There could be many uses for such a technology concept. Some examples might include: your Mac could turn green when you have new email, or blue when your iChat buddies are online, or red when new headlines appear in your RSS reader. Or the Mac’s user accounts could trigger color changes that indicate which user is active.

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  1. This could only happen on a Mac first.

    Just wait a few months, there will be loads of consumer devices that try to jump on the chameleon band wagon.

    Hope Apple gets a slice of their pie.

  2. No, I dont think it will be on the iMac coming out this year. But rather….NEXT year. I would venture to say it will be more like “color motion” colors. Almost like looking at those tricked out cars that are almost iridescent, in different angles of light they “change colors.”

  3. This is kind of a lame idea, its turn your professional mac into a toy.. I think this would better used for an iPod. That way you could change your iPod color without putting on a “skin”..

  4. My iBook and my iMac have a white led under the plastic that pulse when the mac is in sleep mode…
    Does anyone have noticed it?

    It could be implemented with other use, but I hope that the new macs won’t have to much color led. Look at the pc, they are like xmas tree.

  5. It’s not coming in September… There’s already a Plasma TV that projects colors behind it on the wall depending on the program being played. It may actually first appear on a pocketable device such as an iPod.

  6. You’ll never see this. Once Apple figures out something or thinks of something cool, like all good tech companies, it patents it. This means nothing and it’s old news anyway.

  7. This is what makes Apple great – ALWAYS PUSHING THE ENVELOPE!!

    This would be a great feature on the new consumer Imac range!

    Just imagine the new imac along side those silver and black pcs in pcworld and the imac changes colour as you look for a new computer – it will certainly have the wow factor and get it noticed from those silver and black pc boxes!


  8. How sweet would it be to be able to change the color to the be the same as the surrounding area. Picture it in a living room, taking on the same color scheme as the room.

  9. Get a clue, Mike.

    Apple is the most innovative computer company out there. What Apple is doing now won’t show up on a PC for at least 3 years- and it will be a half-baked attempt at that.

    Computers without floppies, firewire (IEEE 1493), USB as a primary peripheral bus, TRUE plug and play (Windows still insn’t quite there yet), wireless networking built in (i.e. Airport), etc, etc, etc. Need I go on?

  10. JB–zing.. i actually thought the iMac colour problems were a thing of the past, since apple doesn’t make colour imacs anymore..

    with the iPod, though, you could have customizable colours…i’d have to see it.. it’s so weird to imagine what it would look like..

    reminds me of..(gamers?) Final Fantasy 7 with the menu customization… very basic RBG levels with the scroll wheel.. at different points.. or a pure gradient fade from black to red or sth..

    the possibilities are endless.. just one thing: does it good

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