Apple Macs top PC Magazine’s ‘17th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey’

“Can all of Apple Computer’s survey success be chalked up to fanatical users? Once again, the company turns in a top-notch performance. Apple has enough responses to qualify for the desktop and notebook categories, and it receives the best “overall rating” score in both: 8.8 in desktops, significantly better than the industry average of 7.8, and 9.0 for notebooks, also significantly better than the 8.0 average. These scores qualify as excellent on our 1-to-10 scale, earning the company Readers’ Choice awards for both categories,” Sebastian Rupley reports for PC Magazine.

“At 9.0 for desktops and 9.2 for notebooks, Apple’s impressive reliability scores are at least a point higher than the industry averages. Nearly all respondents to our survey who supplied quotes about their Apple desktops found them extremely reliable. Compared with other brands, a much lower percentage of Apple desktop systems needed repairs over the last year,” Rupley reports. “A great number of the readers who sent in comments regarding Apple said that their older desktop systems were so dependable that they upgraded them instead of buying new systems.”

MacDailyNews Noye: The last sentence proves the adage that market share ain’t everything.

“Part of the reason for Apple’s high scores could be the user community’s long-standing and exceptional brand enthusiasm, but it’s hard to argue with such consistently high ratings,” Rupley theorizes.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: For a magazine focused mainly on personal computers with Intel/AMD CPUs and running Microsoft Windows, these results have to sting. Hopefully it causes more PC Magazine readers’ eyelids to snap open like spring-loaded folders.


  1. but it’s hard to argue with such consistently high ratings,” Rupley theorizes.

    Freudian slip?

    That’s why M$ pays consultants megabucks to make headlines out of non-arguments — for the M$ faithful lap ’em up.

  2. “We had fewer than 50 respondents who purchased Apple desktops within the last year, so we couldn’t rate the company in this area.”

    Duh!! Mac users don’t read your magazine. But knowing that, it is very impressive that PC Magazine got the reply that it did. In addition, it is also obvious that PC Mag’s numbers are not statistically valid and Apple’s products are not weighted evenly with the other computers. To illustrate this point, what if MacWorld Mag did the same survey, what do you think the results would look like? A more accurate source for information would be organizations like Consumer Reports (

    But, there is no doubt it brings great pleasure to see this PC Mag rating/review. You know that it MUST be putting a huge thorn in the side of Microsoft, Dell (a not so glowing review), and the others.

    Congrats to the Apple team!

  3. “Can all of Apple Computer’s survey success be chalked up to fanatical users?


    Can Apple’s Fanatical users be chalked up to its kick-ass OS?

    How many years ’till they figure it out…

  4. The Mac state of affairs and the Windows state of affairs is much different. Mac users keep using because there’s really no problems or reason to upgrade. Windows users keep getting new machines, somehow hoping things will get better.

    Here’s a scorecard that MDN readers will like. The only thing missing is a comparison of Macs vs. Windows.

    “State of the Mac Union 2004: Checklist and Scorecard”

  5. Glick7 wishes to announce that my new 12 inch PowerBook is now fully operational – and the old Dell Inspiron 5000e (with the cracked backing plate due to a design flaw) is now on the shelf.

    AND THAT is the end of Windoze useage for Glick7!

    I thought I might have to keep a Windowz machine around because one of my clients had some proprietary software I run about once a week – but they put their database on the web, and Safari works just fine.

    So…. That’s it for Glick7 and Windows.

    Only 5 more Windows machines in the office now, and they will all be gone by the end of the year.


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