Apple’s future G5s will pack dual-core processors code-named ‘Antares’

“Although Apple has only this year begun shipping G5 Power Macs and Xserves with the PowerPC 970FX processor, IBM plans to raise the bar with the chip’s successor, a dual-core processor code-named “Antares.” Known officially as the PowerPC 970MP, the chip will feature two interconnected microprocessors,” Nick dePlume reports for ThinkSecret.

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  1. Its cheaper and consumes less heat than two separate processors, and would (1) clear up some room in the G5 tower, or (2) allow for essentially 4 processors: 2 chips with 2 cores each.

  2. What it means is that clock speed is going to continue to be less and less useful for determining the performance of a computer. Chip manufacturers have been hitting a wall with upping clock speed, so they are looking at other ways to improve performance (and deal with high heat issues).

    This is probably a good direction to go in as it opens new creative thinking about increasing chip performance.

  3. i believe that’s what steve meant when he said, “this architectures really got some legs”

    even the processing power of 4 X 1.6 GHz is an incredible 6.4 GHz G5

  4. The only problem with putting work into 2 core rather than making one core faster, is that some jobs can not be parallized, and if it can not be paralleled, you dont have much use for a dual core.

    If the job can be paralleled, a dual core is usualy better than a dual cpu, because the speed of communication is faster with in the same cpu, rather than needing to get external.

    If you can run more than one job, you get paralleled. And we run increasingly more jobs at the same time.

    iTunes to play music
    a browser on a java website with a flash add
    a mailclient that also checks the mail for spam
    and your actual work program, this could be coding, creating images or movies, music, …

  5. Ok, all of this is way over my head. So I’ll just talk about something else.

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  6. “I had no idea that so many women in need of trimming their bikini line visited this website to make the ad a wise marketing decision. Any thoughts?”

    Thanks Turkey,
    I needed that laugh! You’d probably be better off directing the question to Mac Beth though. Most guys can’t grasp the concept of applying hot wax to their pubic hair and ripping it off, so the Bikini Touch may be welcomed by many women.

    JonB puts it in a nutshell quite nicely. Apart from that though, according to Think Secret, “Antares” will probably be debut at 3GHz, so yeah, it will mean faster Macs, possibly significantly faster. Think dual 3GHz processors, each with an AltiVec unit, on a single silicon chip. Interprocessor communication will be an unknown factor faster than communication between processors on two separate chips. Not only that, the reputed power management system will scale power consumption to meet demand, so they’ll probably use less power overall and dissipate less heat. This is a significant hardware development, and if IBM starts production in January 2005 as reported, Macs will extend the technological advantage over Intel/AMD machines. Next year should be very, very interesting for Mac users.

  7. Al,
    I’m aware that both Intel and AMD have announced their intention to develop multicore chips, and I’m with you as far as IBM winning the race is concerned. They’re the pioneers in the field.

    The next step is the so-called “mulcoth” processor: multicore, multithreaded processors. Each core is multithreaded, so that it can appear to the OS as multiple processors, for example, a dual core “mulcoth” could appear (and function) as four processors. I believe that IBM’s POWER5 chip has this capability, but I could be wrong. In any case, I look forward to fully threaded releases of OS X that can take full advantage of this breed of hardware. Mac clusters have already started to change the supercomputing landscape; this would be huge.

  8. There is an importan point about the 970 and P4 and succesors is about the design of the CPU. The P4 is mor suitable to accept higher clock speeds and the 970 is designed more for arrays of 2, 4 or more processors.

    Intel and AMD both announced that they will introduce multiple core chips somewhere in a near future, as IBM reported. The big difference is that IBM 970 will take much more advantage of the multicore.
    Also, Intel announced that its new Pentium processor (at 90nm technology) will be delayed at least until February. IBM, meanwhile, toght with problems on the 90nm procces, have being doing better doubleing the production each month on the last two months at least.

    So, I think that Apple will get many benefits both from the dual core at 3 GHz AND the 90nm 970 of today.

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