Tech writer Thurrott: ‘There’s just something right about a Mac’

Paul Thurrott, yes that Paul Thurrot, writes about Apple for Connected Home Media in his article this week entitled, “Apple Makes Its Case for the Connected Home in 2004.” What Thurrott writes in this article may surprise you, even with some of his usual qualifications.

Thurrott writes, “In my opinion, there’s never been a better time to support Apple. If you’re interested in digital media, home networking, and personal computing, you should know that Apple’s product line-up has never been stronger.”

Of Apple’s new iPod lineup, Thurrott writes, “I’m a huge fan of the less expensive and arguably more capable Dell DJ but the iPod is clearly the device to which all other digital-audio players aspire. The iPod has always had good looks and a clean design, and now it has a less lofty price and better battery life to boot. Recommending the iPod without reservations is getting easier and easier.”

[MacDailyNews note: Paul documents opening his new 20GB 4G iPod in pictures here with tongue firmly in cheek, or maybe, deep down inside, he really wanted to snap and post those pix?]

Thurrott calls Apple’s AirPort Express “an incredible home-networking solution that can only get better.”

Then Thurrott really outdoes himself by writing, “If you’re tired of constantly updating your computer with security patches, afraid of launching email attachments, or fearful that simply opening Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) will expose your system to untold spyware maladies (which isn’t far from the truth), I have a solution for you–the Mac. And, yes, Macs are a little bit expensive compared to that PC you’re using. But as your parents might have told you, you often get what you pay for… Macs are more elegant than PCs, generally more reliable, and far less likely to succumb to an electronic attack largely because attackers don’t target Macs but also because the Mac’s underlying UNIX technology is so mature and well written… Sure, your software choices will be less plentiful than they are on the Windows side, and yes, you might suddenly find yourself advocating the Mac to friends and family as if you were the technological equivalent of a crusader. But that’s the effect the Mac has on many of its users–the same combination of satisfaction and excitement that grips TiVo owners. There’s just something right about a Mac… You won’t be disappointed.”

Read Thurrott’s full article on the Connected Home Media website here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now we know where our missing monthly shipment of Cupertino Kool-Aid ended up. Paul, you’re not supposed to drink the whole case all at once! To our wavering Window-only readers, for information on smoothly adding a Mac OS X machine to your computing arsenal, please click here.

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