RUMOR: 60 GB Apple iPod ‘guaranteed’ to debut tomorrow?

Independent sources in contact with MacDailyNews agree on the specs and prices of the new 4G Apple iPod line supposedly to be formally announced on Monday and they continue to stress (emphatically) that there will be a 60GB model. MacDailyNews cannot confirm the veracity of these multiple sources, but the fact that they agree on the hard drive sizes allows us to report the following three configurations:

Apple 4G iPod 20 GB – 5,000 Songs:
– Apple Earphones
– AC Adapter
– FireWire cable
– PC FireWire adapter
Retail price: US$299.00

Apple 4G iPod 40 GB – 10,000 Songs:
– Apple Earphones
– AC Adapter
– FireWire cable
– PC FireWire adapter
– Wired remote
– Carrying case with belt clip
– iPod Dock
Retail price: US$399.00

Apple 4G iPod 60 GB – 15,000 Songs:
– Apple Earphones
– AC Adapter
– FireWire cable
– PC FireWire adapter
– Wired remote
– Carrying case with belt clip
– iPod Dock
Retail price: US$499.00

MacDailyNews Take: Rumors these are, and we are basically totally confused about the hard drive specs at this point, but our sources “guarantee” that there is a 60 GB model. Unfortunately, these same sources can’t tell us whether this will be “one more thing” to be announced tomorrow alongside the other two models noted in the Newsweek coverage or if the 60GB will come later this summer. Uncle Steve does like his surprises, though, doesn’t he?

If there are no 60Gb iPod 4G models for Christmas shopping season 2004, at the latest, these sources shall be marked “Dvoraks” and will be added to our’s Junk Mail filter faster than you can say “We don’t care what Newsweek says, we guarantee you there is a 60GB iPod 4G model!”

Note: in the earlier RUMOR report, these sources were a bit off-target on the suggested retail prices, quoting US$50 less than what Newsweek is reporting for the 20GB and 40GB models. Also mentioned by some of these sources is that Apple on Monday will release “iPod Update 2004-07-19,” but the claimed support of all iPod and iPod mini models introduced before July 19, 2004 is now in question. While we are leaning more towards a release date later this year for the 60GB model than tomorrow, we’ll know for sure only when Apple formally announces the new iPod models and/or posts new iPod software.

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  1. i hope they come out tomorrow. as soon as i found about all this yesterday i immediately posted my 15gig ipod on craigslist and sold it for 200 this morning.

    do you guys think they will be released tomorrow or just announced? i’d love to grab a 40 gig as my music library has sky rocketed from last year to now

  2. In the first rumor, the MDN sources did accurately predict the dropping of the 15GB model. So, while they did get the prices wrong, something was right. That could’ve been an educated guess, too, I suppose. The jury’s still out of the iPod software for current 3G iPods, too. Maybe there will be a 60Gb model? Supposedly Toshiba slipped and stated that Apple had bought them all up, so who knows?

  3. Ellen Feiss Replacement Found!

    I was on Madison and it was, like … p-p-p-p-p-p-pee. Hello? On every block there was someone with white headphones. And I was like … [spastic shrug] … nnN? And I thought, ‘Ohmygod, it’s starting to happen.’ I shut my eyes then looked again, and it was, like, there were even more! ‘Twas kind of like … [eyes wide shut] … cool?

  4. Another goofy article from the NY Times (no subscription for once) that points out that challengers are hot on Apple’s heels to offer something better. I guess they didn’t get the memo about the new iPods coming out tomorrow, because they don’t sound very confident about the iPod’s continued success along with the music store.

    “But Apple’s lead will not go unchallenged. Sometime before the end of the year, Microsoft is expected to begin its push into the music download business. Microsoft will attempt to catch up with Apple by deploying its new Windows technology, called Windows Media Digital Rights Management, that will let users more easily transfer song collections from their personal computers to their portable MP3 players.”

    How much easier can it get than an iPod? I can have a whole CD from my computer to my iPod in less than 30 seconds. HOW MUCH FASTER DO YOU WANT IT?????? Are you that pressed for time? ‘Softies must not be since they waste so much time battling viruses, pop-ups and the annoying update manager popping up every time they boot the computer. That’s why they need a faster transfer, because they waste so much time reloading software and all the stuff I just mentioned.

    You know, Microsoft comes up with the most generic names for things. Windows Media!! OOH that really gets me pumped. What a COOL NAME MAN!! Hey, come check out my Media Center…let’s watch Spider Man 2 on a tiny screen…oh this is awesome. I love you Microsoft with your generic stuff!!! DRRRRRRR I’m a moron!!!!!

    What a bunch of idiots. If you thought the iPod wouldn’t get you laid, imagine the turn off of this clunky device.

    Then this wonderful sentence:
    “The technology may lead to new subscription services at slightly higher monthly fees. The makers of portable music players are already working to support the new services, and upgraded players are expected to start appearing before the end of the year.”

    Ha ha bitches!!!! WE got the upgraded player. It’s called an iPod morons. It debuts tomorrow, not the end of the year.

    And what with these stories of having a subscription service on a portable digital player? What are you going to download every song on RealNetworks but it only lets you skip forward like 5 times in one hour or some stupid limitation?? What is with that?

    </begin rant> I’m just getting started.

  5. Oh and this silly sentence:
    To Apple’s rivals, however, iTunes is mostly a service created to sell iPods.”

    Well how do you like that? These brainiacs figured it out.

    If you allow inferior formats on iPods, it seems like the iPod is inferior.

    If you allow iTunes to be transferred to other players other than the iPod, then no one will buy the iPod. Until now because I expect that these new ones are going to kick the competition right in the ass at just the right moment.

    DUH MORONS!! We don’t want our tunes on your inferior players, and we don’t want your inferior music on our superior players.

    Is it just me, or is that flashing ad to the right of this comment box REALLY FRICKIN’ ANNOYING.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  6. I can’t see the 40 GB and the 60 GB iPods co-existing in the same line. Either iPods will come out in 60, 30 and 20 GB capacities or they will come out in 20 & 40 GB, with no high-end for now. I am speculating based on what I have read about the drives Hitachi announced a few weeks ago. This week we will all know for sure.

    Whatever the capacities, the price-cuts are what I most look forward to. Even the low-end iPod could now hold my entire library of 160 kbs MP3s!

  7. I didn’t have the whole 9-11 commission thing on there because I just figured you could use the little arrows on the iTunes store to get to it. I couldn’t link to it for whatever reason from the store.

    I was just wondering if maybe someone had a rolling iMix of all the free stuff on iTunes.

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