Malaysia grants affirmative action to open source software

“All Government technology procurement will now have a preference for open source software (OSS), under the Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Software Masterplan made available to the public this morning,” Raslan Sharif reports for The Star. “In what was its strongest show of support for OSS, the Government’s masterplan calls for policies to be put in place in several areas, including procurement, that would favour such software.”

“Under the masterplan, OSS procurement ‘should be based on merits, value for money, transparency, security and interoperability.’


  1. This is excellent news!

    Microsoft is on it’s way out for good!

    They will never accept open source development – and because of this they will lose in the end.

    Microsoft wants to write every piece of software and not allow anyone to develop their own software – this news is a very important step in destroying a corporate monopoly and empowering anyone to write programmes for any operating system.

    APPLE was wise to base OS X on unix and the open source movement – hats off to em for what is an amazing decision!!

    The open source movement is here to stay and increases every day!

  2. I was just reading a recent report of Gates and Ballmer’s trip to the far east to encourage governments and companies to use Windows. It said that 34% of new purchases in China were boxes with Linux on them. These guys, and I use the term loosely, were meeting nearly everyone they could think of.

    Apparently they didn’t convince the Malaysians. Yeah.

  3. No matter what Mac OS is built on, it is not considered open source. Even Red Hat Linux is still produced and supported by some company that the purchasers still have to go back to for support and upgrades. I support the use of ‘open source’ software not for its own value but because it is not M$. All these countries turning to open source do not help apple or Mac OS any. I believe that Darwin is considered open source. Wouldn’t it be great if apple could capitalize on that somehow.

  4. “Thank Steve they bought NeXT and not BeOS.” Al

    Actually, that would be Amelio. For all his failings, he is the guy who decided that Apple bought NeXT and brought Steve back. Noone gives him credit for that. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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