Analyst on Apple: ‘It’s going to be an iPod Christmas’

“Analysts and Apple executives credited the iPod


  1. It’s also going to be a “Senseo” Christmas. That’s the single cup coffee machine that has sold 5 million units in Europe and has just arrived in the U.S. So, relax with a hot cup of java while listening to your iPod!

  2. Long live Philips!!! (and the Dutch!!!)

    I have senseo every morning!

    And btw, don’t u guys think that’s kinda expencive 4 a external harddisk wich can play mp3’s???


  3. Is it expensive to learn how to spell and use correct grammar? Must be.

    The iPod is expensive, but considering what you are getting, it is quite the buy in my opinion. For the longest time I wouldn’t buy one, either, but then I visited iPodlounge and checked out the cool stuff besides just being an mp3 player that it could do.

    Steve Jobs is right…people want music TO GO. Right now, I could buy a whole CD, have it downloaded from iTunes and from the time I sync my iPod to the time that it’s done, it’s less than a minute, and that’s including all the RSS news feeds, stock quotes, weather info, etc that I have syncing, too. I’ve done that plenty of times…right before work I’ll download a song or a CD then I’ll have it on my iPod in less than a minute, ready to go. That is the beauty of the iPod.

    I love my iPod!!

  4. I wonder where all the people who insisted that iPod minis were too expensive and for $50 more you could get an iPod. It seems very impressive now with the pre-orders from the international markets.

  5. Along with the halo effect of the iPod, I wonder about the halo effect of iTunes. PC users that are used to lower quality software (or should I say kwality with a ‘k’?) get a chance to use iTunes and see how great Apple software is.

  6. “…get a chance to use iTunes and see how great Apple software is.”

    Jimbo, this I believe is why Apple will NEVER die. It is comforting to know that in the worsed case scenario if Apple can no longer make enough on Mac hardware sales to justify selling them, the Apple Experience would live on in the Windows world…

  7. Apple could survive in a windows world, ‘shudders uncontrollably’.

    I have to use a !@#$%^&* Wintel Laptop on my road trips because of a windows program that won’t work on VPC for the Mac (hardware dongle can’t be recognized). I hated that new laptop because of XP Pro. A month ago, just before a big contract out in the boonies, I installed iTunes and ripped a bunch of CD’s onto the HD. In the last month I have grown to like that laptop. It has at least 1 program that works properly on it now. It is hard to get too pissed at a Microsoft product (OS, Office) when you are listening to great tunes on a program that’ Just Works’ �.

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