Office Depot becomes Apple Authorized Reseller

Office Depot, Inc. founded in 1986, and one of the world’s largest sellers of office products and an industry leader in every distribution channel, including stores, direct mail, contract delivery, the Internet and business-to-business electronic commerce has become an Authorized Apple Reseller.

Office Depot is selling Apple products via its online store. “The partnership between Apple and Office Depot is freshly inked, and currently Apple products are only available from Office Depot’s online store. However, Office Depot officials confirmed that Apple products would begin appearing at its retail stores in the coming months,” Kasper Jade reports for AppleInsider. More here.

“You can take advantage of one stop shopping for all your office supply needs and now all of your Apple technology needs in one convenient location,” the Office Depot website states.

Link to the Apple section of the Office Depot site here.


  1. Hope this will be better exposure for Apple than Best Buy was. Can’t count on any employee having any insight on what the Mac is about…hope there is a nice setup to let people try it out instead of peel off the keytops like they did to the Powerbooks at CompUSA. Ugh!! Apple, please promote the features of Panther and Tiger with some sort of ads! Your OS is the key!

  2. Office Depot IS a much better choice than Best Buy since I’m in Best Buy all the time and had no idea that they’ve been selling Apple products other than a few software titles. They must have been hiding them behind the (sarcasm) *superior* HP and Compaq products! (/sarcasm)

  3. FInally someone sees the light!

    I hope this creates some additional mind share among customers, because the average joe (or average ignorant if you prefer) only knows what he sees on store shelves. I remember around early to mid 90’s when Apple had a “bigger” market share, looking at different Macs on Sears, Office Max, and many other retail stores… Then all of a sudden Macs were nowhere to be found on retail, add to the mix the sucky Performa models available at that time, 6200 anyone?

    Makes me remember my old powerhouse Quadra 9X… That WAS a great model, and I believe it has a special place in the hearts of many Mac enthusiast as one of the best Macs ever made!

  4. I’m sure the O.D. people will have no idea how to sell a Mac, but do they know how to sell the cheap PCs either?

    At least Apple will be represented at a store where small-business owners shop.

  5. Apple should supply simple reminder cards for Office Depot employees. It could say:

    Points about Macs:
    1. No Viruses/adware/spyware
    2. MS Office is cross compatible
    3. Free iLife Suite Best in Class for digital photos, movies, DVDs, and music
    4. Easiest Computer to Use
    5. Software available for every need, over 12,000 OS X titles

    That would be all their really needed to get across to customers to make a lot of sales.

  6. The online store is no big deal. It might offer a few people the extra convenience of clicking at one internet site rather than two. Other than that, who cares.

    However, once the brick-and-mortar stores start supplying themselves with Apple products, then I think that’s huge. Not only for consumers who may want to grab something that day, but also for small business owners who frequent those stores. They’ll have extra exposure to the Macs and other products. I hope the reps there will also be able to tout the qualities of a Mac.

  7. I’m all about Apple getting their products out into the retail channel, but dammit – train these people how to SELL the products! How to display them!

    The best buy by my house had all the apple stuff squished into a corner and basically ignored. The sales droids had no clue about any of it.

    I will say that CompUSA has a nice display and employ some mac heads.

  8. Office Depot sold Performas way back in the days of the Performa 600/ 47x series. They actually did a rather poor job of selling them. Seeing as they don’t have dedicated Computer Sales people anymore (or at least ones that I can see at my Local OD stores. I expect this to be as good as the Best Buy thing.

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  9. I remember Office Depot selling Macs way back when. I hope they do a better job this time.

    This reminds me that Wal-Mart also used to carry Macs. I went in to see what they had. They were all set up with screen savers, and someone had taken the balls out of the mice so that you couldn’t really do anything with them. So people would come in, see the Mac screen saver, not get a chance to try it, and walk away. Wal-Mart ended up with a firesale to clear their inventory, and my brother got a few machines for bargain prices.

  10. This is great news though because Office Depot is in many, many cities that currently have no Apple authorized resellers at all. They’re also in a lot of places that Best Buy and Circuit City are not as well so this gives Apple a lot more exposure than what they used to get even when they were in those stores.

  11. 12,000 titles for the Mac, wow..

    There was a report the other day about college students.. saying around 8% had a POWERBOOK and 15% were planning on getting a Mac..

    Well.. a sample is a sample.. but still.. Considering Mac’s home share is so much more than 2%, it makes sense that there are all these great software titles for the Mac OS X.. which drives Thurrott crazy..

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