Shocker: iPods can hold corporate data too

“Companies beware: Critical corporate data might be dancing out of the office with workers who bring their iPods to work,” The Associated Press reports. “The research firm Gartner Inc. warns of security risks posed by the popular music player and other portable storage devices that plug into a PC’s USB or FireWire ports. The iPod, like the rest, can hold data in addition to tunes.”

“‘Businesses are increasingly putting themselves at risk by allowing the unauthorized and uncontrolled use of portable storage devices,’ Gartner analyst Ruggero Contu wrote. The problem, he says, is twofold. In one scenario, employees could simply drag and drop sensitive files into the devices, which often come with gigabytes of storage capacity. In the other, the devices could carry a virus, Trojan horse or other malware,” AP reports. “The solution? ‘Companies should forbid the use of uncontrolled, privately owned devices with corporate PCs,’ Contu said.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In other news, Gartner also reported that the planet Earth is spherical and also revolves around the Sun which, by the way, is really, really, really hot.


  1. The iPod is just part of Apple’s sinister plan to retake market share by introducing new Windows viruses and scare people back onto the Mac bwahahahahahahahaha….

  2. okay, let’s find the source. i bet it’s Microsoft again. of maybe even Scott Blum. Basically, read what the “solution” says. It means they are trying to discourage the use of iPods more than anything else. They are prominent, easy to use, and scary scary. Instead, listen to streaming audio on your PC. Why yes, subscribe to all those other streaming services and there is no danger to your corporate data. Clueless CEOs and CIOs beware! If you don’t force your whole company to switch to Real or Musicmatch, you’ll lose your company.

    Very sinister plot unfolding. I wonder how many brainstorming sessions it took to find another way to spin the iPod negatively. It really feels like a conspiracy here. What’s up with that?

  3. Congrats to you Gartner for figuring out something the rest of us have known for almost 3 years now. You obviously run a fine “research firm” for coming up with such timely gems as this one. So what’s your next research project? Finding out that water is wet or that ice is cold?

  4. I read in another article that the iPod was only mentioned as one example and it was singled out cuz it is popular and a buzz word. The original article was mainly focused on portable storage, period. This includes burnable CDs, DVDs, and USB thumb drives. The only situation where I could see the iPod being somehow more dangerous is if you were looking to steal mega mega amounts of data. In this case there are also tons of small portable HDs about the same size as the iPod which could do the trick just as well or even better.

    This seems like someone just trying to make news out of a situation that has existed since the first floppy. Restricted access to sensitive code would be much easier to implement than restricting use of portable media.

  5. This article is clearly directed at IT types. Since most of them are Windoze users, this is probably news to them. (The fact that an iPod can actually be used as an HD and not just an HD-based music player.) To be so highly regarded as intelligent, IT folks can be quite dumb (or at least have a severe case of tunnel vision).

  6. I’d think those li’l keychain USB memory sticks would pose a much more diabolical way of sucking information out of a computer and taken out of the corporate front door.

    …unless you need to store the complete set of schematics for a thermo-nuclear device.

  7. pfft. imagine when people find out that “OTHER MP3 PLAYERS’ are so irritating to use, and what, can’t be used as portable storage like the iPod to boot?

    COOL! *sarc

    IT people might be turned off by anything on Entertainment Tonight. so they probably glaze over the iPod… but it’s all there on the website.. it’s not like Apple’s going to list ALL the features on the commercials..

  8. I agree with everyone who says they single out the iPod because it’s popular and a “buzzword.” That said, for appropriate environments, it is a nice reminder to the security and IT staff that many MP3 players can also hold files.

    Heck, I know a few people who talked their companies into buying them iPods because they could hold files (“It’s an external hard drive, so I can carry my files between home and work!”).

  9. And now this idiot will publish that tomorrow morning the sun will rise from the east, and that during night……… it is dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No wonder the world is like it is right now thanks to fine american minds like this moron.

  10. IPods clearly are a security problem.

    We in the real IT world are faced with banning these devices since we can not control their behavior with the current Windows OS. I have been told that the new Longhorn OS will use technology to insure that a foreign hard drive can not be mounted with out permission of the IT department system rules. This will insure that the IPod is regulated within the corporate environment.

  11. These people need to get on the cluetrain!

    “Corporate firewalls have kept smart employees in and smart markets out. It’s going to cause real pain to tear those walls down. But the result will be a new kind of conversation. And it will be the most exciting conversation business has ever engaged in.”

  12. The 1.4 megabyte floppy is also capable of such carnage! Slipped into a disk drive of a 80s PC running in a corporate network, the future of the entire firm can be compromised by it storage capability.

    Ohh, dear. Ohhhh, my God! Ohhhhh, jumping jahosafat, the sky is falling.

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