Apple’s upcoming Safari blesses RSS XML syndication

“By giving its blessing to XML syndication, Apple is joining the trend of browser makers embracing Web news feeds and potentially bringing the technology to the masses. Apple Computer Inc. CEO Steve Jobs on Monday previewed the company’s next version of its Web browser, dubbed Safari RSS. RSS refers to the acronym for Really Simple Syndication, the major format for XML syndication,” Matt Hicks reports for eWeek.

“Safari RSS will allow users both to aggregate feeds directly in the browser as well as to automatically detect when a feed is available on a Web page. As demonstrated during Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, an ‘RSS’ icon appears in the browser’s address bar when a feed is available. By clicking it, users can read and subscribe to the feed,” Hicks reports.

“If Apple brings the user focus it is known for to its browser-based feed reader, then it will help to popularize XML syndication, said David Sifry, CEO of Technorati Inc., a San Francisco-based search service of RSS feeds and Weblogs,” Hicks reports. “‘People will understand what the heck this RSS thing is all about,’ Sifry said. ‘As technology moves from being engineering-focused to being user-focused, there’s always a leap that has to occur where somebody makes it easy enough for the average user to finally understand why all power users have been so excited about it.'”

“One of the major readers for the Mac, NetNewsWire, appears to be ready for Safari’s entry in the market. Developer Brent Simmons wrote in his blog Monday that development will continue on NetNewsWire and noted that Safari doesn’t appear to be as fully featured as a full reader,” Hicks reports. “Safari RSS is set to include the ability to search within subscribed feeds, a feature Simmons wrote is also coming in the next version of NetNewsWire. ‘This will trigger a shake-out in the Mac OS X newsreaders market,’ Simmons wrote. ‘There are a dozen or so readers right now, but by this time next year there may be Safari and just a few others,’ including NetNewsWire,” Hicks reports.

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