Tech writer Thurrott asks ‘where’s the promised 3GHz PowerMac G5?’

“It’s unclear to me how many free passes the hyperbolic Steve Jobs gets, but clearly he’s reaching the end of his allotment: Last year, he promised a 3 GHz G5 by June 30, but this week, Apple upgraded the G5 line to 1.8 GHz and 2 GHz dual processor models, with a third model, sporting a liquid-cooled 2.5 GHz processor due ‘in July’ (if we can believe that claim). So 3 GHz isn’t happening anytime soon,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s Internet-Nexus.

“…when I complain about Apple, this is pretty much the type of thing I’m talking about. There is a line between ‘promotion’ and ‘bald-faced lying,’ and Apple just crosses it a little too often for my tastes. For example, when the company writes, ‘now the Power Mac G5 offers dual processor models across the board at 1.8GHz, 2GHz and 2.5GHz, for a substantial speed boost at the top of the line,’ that’s an exageration, because the 2.5 GHz model is not available now at all, and given Apple’s history, might not meet its expected July release date as well. making that ‘substantial speed boost at the top of the line’ a little less compelling … now,” Thurrott writes.

“And when Jobs boasts about 3 GHz processors and 100 million iTunes downloads, well, that’s just irresponsible. I suspect shareholders are happy enough about the company’s other successes that they’re willing to overlook a few indiscretions. But that won’t always be the case and arguably should never be the case anyway,” Thurrott writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: We agree with, and only with, what we’ve quoted from Paul Thurrott above. Now hell has really frozen over. Granted, we have to wait until June 23 to make sure Jobs doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve, but it doesn’t look like it right now. This Thurrott article is exactly the type of thing SteveJack predicted would happen in his article “Apple CEO Jobs misses ‘3Ghz G5 within a year’ prediction by wide margin” – see link below.

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  1. “There is a line between ‘promotion’ and ‘bald-faced lying,’ and Apple just crosses it a little too often for my tastes”

    He’s made a career of lying.

  2. Yeah, we’re upset. But why is this news? For months MDN has been predicting that there’d be no 3GHz until at least the end of summer, and has naysayed the type of talk that would hold Jobs feet to the fire. Why the change now?

  3. MDN is going to agree with Thurrott?!?! No. Apple/Jobs has made some misstatements, but I challenge you to find a CEO that has been 100% accurate in their analysis of the future of their company. They are asked to provide a roadmap, and they do the best they can with the info they are provided.

    Get off the high horse, MDN. You want Steve’s job – go apply for it. But armchair quarterbacking and 20/20 hindsight ain’t gonna get it for you.

  4. Did Jobs miss it? Far as I can tell, there is still quite a few days until June 30th. Is it so hard to believe Apple might release a 4th horse to the stable to take a new place as the top end model? Adding a 4th machine that would be priced a few Benny’s above the current dual 2.5s wouldn’t cause people to quit buying the other models.

    Just like we did with the numbers projections on the one year anniversary of iTMS, why don’t we just calm down and wait for a deadline to get here before qualifying it as a failure?

  5. Steve Jobs a bald faced liar! WTF?! Jesus Christ, so there are difficult technical problems involved (man, that never happens in the high tech world!) give me a break (that includes you too MDN). Be glad Apple is making the world’s fastest computers and take a deep breath – the 3GHz will be out eventually – and the G5s will still crush the competition then…

  6. Did anyone think perhaps Jobs released this minor upgrade now just to tell us in 3 weeks that the 3GHz G5 will ship in September, one year from the original? If we’re honest, their’s really only 1 new system here and it is quite possible for Jobs to add the dual 3GHz as the new top of the line.

  7. S.J. should get at least as many free passes as B.G., don’t you think? If you don’t think, you’re an A.H.

    Steve made those predictions because they were needed at the time. He needed a big splash, so he made one. Missed predictions are hardly ever noticed, and even when they are it’s only for a short time. We’ll all forget this prediction by the time Steve makes his next big announcement, which is why I’m sure there’s another announcement coming very shortly.

  8. I think lying is a bit strong – that implies that he knows they won’t be able to do something but says they will anyway. The correct term, in my humble opinion, is pathologically optimistic. I’m sure Steve really believes what he says but he’s unreasonably optimistic.

  9. BTW, when I say “big splash”, that includes a lot of attitude manipulation. S.J. gave everyone a lot of hope for the future of Macintosh when he made that prediction, and that hope has survived the prediction’s failure.

  10. Wow, really…didn’t see this coming! I know you agree MDN but give it a rest!

    So what, no 3 GHz yet! It’ll be here soon enough.

    Do you dopes really think that Jobs goes out there and make these predictions without some sort of assurance for his partners (i.e.: IBM & Pepsi) that the goals are very attainable???

    We’ll have the Dual 3GHz by September then you can all just shut your yaps!

  11. Steve Jobs on June 23, 2003 said precisely, “Within 12 months, we will be at 3GHz.”

    Forget about trying to move the deadline, folks. The deadline is June 23, 2004.

    Maybe Jobs meant humans will have 3GHz CPUs by June 23, 2004, but not G5 CPUs? Stop apologizing for Jobs – he screwed the pooch here.

  12. Oh, by the way, let’s completely forget to mention the 2.5’s are LIQUID COOLED! Now, who was anticipating that? No kudos?

    And one other thing, if you think about it, if we need liquid cooling for the 2.5’s then imagine how hot the 3’s are going to be. Maybe that’s why they’re not out yet!

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