Over 85 million songs downloaded from Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Apple has had more than 85 million downloads from its popular iTunes music store, which officially only works with its market-leading iPod digital music players. Songs typically cost 99 cents each and users can download them onto as many iPods as they like and on up to five computers,” reuters reports.

There is no official word on whether the free song downloads are included in the 85 million total. On April 28, Apple announced over 70 million songs had been “purchased” from their iTunes Music Store. Apple is marked the first anniversary of its iTunes Music Store on April 28th by thanking its customers with a free song of the day for eight days. Following the anniversary celebration, the iTunes Music Store continued to offer a


  1. Wow. Is it me or does that mean they are selling at about 3 million per week. It’s only been 5 weeks since April 28, 6 (weeks) if you count this week. Which means Apple has sold 15 million tunes during that period. I thought they had indicated their new sell rate was hoovering around 2 million a week. This definitely breaks that, even if its 6wks instead of 5wks. GO APPLE!!!!

  2. no I’m not nuts

    I know plenty of people who would like to get iTunes but can’t because they don’t have the machinery or software or bandwidth to make it work at home. Many people DO have the machinery or software or bandwidth to make it go at work, but are restricted by firewall/proxy from using streaming audio. And even if they CAN use streaming audio, they are most likely not allowed administrative access to their workstation, which means they cannot install software like iTunes.

    Having iTMS available through a standard web-browser would open up the market to lots of people who would probably like to get an iPod and use iTMS but can’t.

  3. Thanks to iTunes, QuickTime is being installed on millions of machines where previously it hadn’t been considered. Windows users are getting a taste of the “complete solution” approach to software that Apple have been taking for the past five years. iTunes on IE would not only be a pale shadow, MS would probably try and break it with every security patch they brought out. Apple have a multimedia software strategy that is outclassing and outplaying MS. They aren’t going to change that to benefit a few corporate types who shouldn’t be keeping AAC/MP3 files on their hard disks anyway.

  4. 99% of them will also say “what’s Mozilla?” if you ask that too. iTunes has a great set up that’s easy to use and manuever through. There might be some advantages for some people, but not many. Not having the software to make it work is a pretty easy fix, download it for free. As far as systems go, most windoze users can use iTunes. Those that are still running older computers generally won’t care enough to use iTunes anyway. They’re just word processing and emailing. A digital hub is so far from their thinking that it wouldn’t register. Might not apply to everyone with an old system, but certainly the majority.

  5. OK then if people want to acces iTunes store through internet, then why apple wouldnt release safari for windows, making there’s browser more popular across the platform.

  6. While I can use iTunes at the office, my WinDoze counterparts can not. Because they aren’t given access to their machine to install anything. Browser access would allow them to use the iTMS, if they wanted to, without having to go through IT.

    I think that’s the point beatsme was trying to make.

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