Fast Company: Apple Computer’s Jonathan Ive ‘Master of Design’

“‘It’s all about removing the unnecessary,’ Jonathan Ive has said of the ethos that informs his landmark product designs for Apple Computer. Ive has stripped the complexity out of technology and moved Apple’s products–and with them, much of the high-tech industry–toward what he calls the “utterly serene.” His translucent Power Mac G4 Cube, which resembled postmodern sculpture more than office equipment, proved that computer design could even aspire to high art. But nothing better fulfills Ive’s ambition to create elegant, intuitive machinery than his revolutionary design for the iPod MP3 player. Coveted as much as a fashion statement as for its utility, this ode to minimalism has redefined the way consumers experience technology, to say nothing of music. Dell and Samsung have vainly followed with their own iPod knockoffs, proving conclusively that Ive’s influence runs deep,” Fast Company writes.

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  1. Our buddy Jonathan makes a cool $1 Million a year and has been awarded the Queens highest honors for design.

    Now a nice 30+ Apple Cinema Display matching my G5 would be nice.

    Of course I would want the resolution to be higher as well.

  2. My university lecturer Marked Johnathan Ive’s GCSE projects. He design an OHP that was tiny and folded away into a small cube rather than a huge beast with a giant arm sticking out. It was so cool (well, as cool as an OHP can be).

    Wonder if Apple will release it? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Must be an overhead projector. Yep… bring on the 30+ Cinema with higher resolution. And lower price. And a video-in; not to mention the abitily to fold into a cube for petting.

  4. >”It’s all about removing the unnecessary.”
    IT staff, antivirus programs, bloated software from M$, crashes, user license fees, FUD….

  5. I love how Apple keeps the Touch Pad on it notebooks centered, while every other maker puts then left of center to accommodate the right handed mass.
    As a lefty, I really appreciate it, even though I use my right hand with the mouse. I don’t own a laptop so can someone chime in on this. Do you miss the extra room that would result from shifting it over?

  6. Artist. I like the touch pad where it is but really preferred the trackball I had on my powerbook 170. AND I wish all the Apple track pads had two buttons.

  7. Buffy,

    The internal reference framework and processing chip was designed by PortalPlayer. This gave Apple a significant head start, but Apple worked with PortalPlayer to add audio digitizing, Firewire, display, and HD controller chips. Apple designed the outside, including the layout of the UI wheel and buttons. I think the article was in Engineering Design or something like that.

  8. I thought the reason the wintel folks had the track pads offset – right was because their larger screen notebooks had ten key in addition to the qwerty.

    I would love to have a ten key on my Powerbook.

    But It’s my opinion that SJ would never allow the trackpad to be offset becasue it’s not aesthetically clean [as a centered pad].

  9. Now a nice 30+ Apple Cinema Display matching my G5 would be nice.

    And what’s the highest resolution you think it would have? Larger displays typically have unimpressive resolutions.

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