Sony and McDonald’s join in Big Mac Music giveaway

“Sony Music, the recorded music company, has linked with McDonald’s, the fast food chain, in an effort help to build a following for its new online music site, Connect. Big Mac buyers will receive vouchers for free music downloads


  1. i’m pretty sure mcdonald’s is regretting its choice…. they inked the deal before sony launched its service…. before it earned the superior suck rating from the press….

    poor ronald… shouldve stuck with steve…

    thank god bill didn’t get the mickeydee deal.

  2. Songy/McDonalds will work but it’s not going to be a huge success. Apple has learned its lesson with the Pepsi fiasco and Burger King is not the way to go. (Even if they made a deal it would take at least 6 months to get it going.) You don’t respond to a competitor by doing the same thing. You do things differently…..

  3. You give away music for a ubiquitous service; i.e. for the millions of iPods out there; but not for a rare device. For example, how many people would be interested in a free guidance device for a Scud? Sony is screwing Aibo again; they should be giving away the player — anything else doesn’t make sense!

  4. On the other hand, I saw Macd/sony fliers at my local macdonalds yesterday. I never saw a single ad for the pepsi/itunes promotion in the year it was happening. Is paper that expensive that apple couldn’t put some ads out?

    pkradd says apple learned. I don’t know what except to do nothing, maybe. I read this site since about new years day and it si nothing but apple apologies. I wonder if anyone cares. I love my two macs but every week a friend “upgrades” to a pc because they don’t know apple exists. sad

  5. “I love my two macs but every week a friend “upgrades” to a pc because they don’t know apple exists. sad”

    I was discussing this with my wife yesterday. People decide that they want to get into computers. They don’t know crap about computers so they ask a friend who is into computers. That gives them a 90% chance they are going to end up asking a windoze user (or at best a former Mac User that doesn’t know what macs are like today with OS X) and if Macs are even mentioned, they will be told they are too expensive, there is no software for them etc. I may seem a little evangelical at times but I figure everyone should at least be given the chance to choose a computer that will give them a superior experience.

    Since Apple will not pick up the ball and let the windoze users know how great OS X is I guess it is left up to people like us to inform them of “The biggest unkept secret in the computing world: Macs are great”. Apple should run adds debunking the common myths and letting users know a superior experience is available.

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