W Hotels to heavily promote Apple’s iTunes Music Store

“Ever since W Hotels was launched in 1998, the chain has tried to position itself as the cool and hippest of hotel brands. The latest effort to burnish that image is a deal the chain has inked with what many believe to be the hippest of computer companies, Apple Computer. ‘W Hotels and Apple share a reputation for combining style with an innovative experience,’ said Ross Klein, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for W Hotels Worldwide,” Lewis Lazare reports for The Chicago Sun-Times.

“The W Hotels-Apple connection will be heavily promoted throughout the summer via print ads from RDA International/New York. A major component of the deal is a new ‘W Wired’ package offered to W hotel guests from June 1 through Sept. 6. The package includes gift codes for three free song downloads at Apple’s iTunes Music Store, wireless access in W living-room areas and a free, three-month subscription to Wired magazine,” Lazare reports.

“There also will be iTunes social events throughout the summer at select W properties in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, with iPods and Wi-Fi-enabled Apple Powerbooks on site, as well as DJs to spin tunes directly from iPods. The first iTunes social event will be June 8 at the W City Center in Chicago. W Hotels also has created a custom iTunes playlist that will available on the iTunes Music Store and accessible via the Web site [url=http://www.whotels.com/wired]http://www.whotels.com/wired[/url],” Lazare reports.

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  1. I’ve been in one and they are definitely cool, or hip, whatever the lingo is nowadays. Damn I feel old….

    I’m debating if I’ll go to the one in SF.

  2. I stayed at one in Manhattan. The hotel is cool as h***. Bring lots of cash though. Drinks will set you back at leat $11/per. The one I stayed at is right in Times Square. Lobby is on 7th and turns into sort of a club scene after 10 or so.

  3. DJ’s spinning from iPods? Puhleez. How lame. Plug your iPod into an amp, start a playlist and suddenly you’re a W-qualified DJ? The Ws are cool places, and it’s great when they have live DJs. But this iPod idea is lame.

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