Thurrott asks for portable Apple Macintosh buying advice

“So I sold my 17-inch widescreen iMac to a friend (for a smoking deal) this week… What now? Part of me honestly considered bagging Apple altogether: I’ve switched from the iPod to the superior Dell DJ anyway, and I’ve stopped purchasing songs from Apple’s iTunes Music Store. I’ve been unimpressed with the performance of the Macs I’ve owned (and have no desire to spend $3000 or more on a new Mac) and have been equally unimpressed with the quality of Mac OS X, which yes, is beautiful, and in some ways quite capable, but still lags XP in key areas,” Paul Thurrott writes for Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus.

“So if you have a second, and are interesting in doing more than just dump on me for being a Windows shill or whatever warped thing it is you think I am, I’m really looking for some advice. I figure I can spend about $2000 on a portable Mac without raising too many red flags with my accountant/wife. But I have questions. I also have requirements,” Thurrott writes.

– It has to burn DVDs.
– Should I get the 14-inch iBook G4?
– Or is the 12-inch PowerBook a better deal?
– Should I wait for the WWDC? (Inevitably, Apple will introduce faster machines the second I buy mine).

Thurrott asks, “Am I missing anything? One thing I can promise is that, whatever it is, I’ll likely return to bringing this device with me on business trips, which I can assure you, causes no end of discussion in the Microsoft-oriented world which I frequently ply in my day job. I’m happy to keep covering Apple–I figure this machine should last two years, or less than the iBook did–but it’s pretty clear that won’t happen regularly from my home office. Is this the right thing to do?”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’d like to tell Paul what to do, where to go, or something else entirely, have at it. “Superior Dell DJ?” Paul’s a laugh riot, huh? And in which “key areas” does Mac OS X lag behind Windows XP? We’ve identified a few after much use of both systems.

Key areas where Mac OS X lags behind Windows XP:
– Ugliness
– Unusability
– Worm and virus plagues
– Inability to sleep and wake up instantly
– Nag screens
– Baked-in Microsoft-related advertising
– Device non-recognition
– Adware and spyware availability
– Bundled bad copies of Apple iLife applications
– Bloatedness
– Invoking hatred and/or fear of your personal computer

If you have additions to this list, please feel free to add them below.

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  1. What I think is funny is that he acts like the G3 ibook is a complete turd. Sure it is compared to anything new out there, but I have the same exact G3 ibook that Paul has and I run Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Safari, Mail, iChat, Konfabulator, and iTunes simultaneously and don’t mind the minimal hiccup in performance at all. Granted, I don’t get much chance to use a faster machine unless I use my parents 17″ iMac, but even so, I am happy with the performance I am still getting out of my well over 3 year old iBook. I would like to see a 500mhz PC notebook even run XP alone without crashing; my two month old 2.8ghz Dell doesn’t even like to run Word if I have Outlook and Firefox open at the same time. Wait, it doesn’t like to run Word, period.

  2. Look, as much as many of us may dislike this fellow’s opinions, let’s just try to answer his questions, which are legitimate. I would suggest the 12-inch PB. Other thoughts?

  3. My emailed answer to Thurott’s question, “Is this the right thing to do?”

    Subject: Your question: Is this the right thing to do?

    Answer: No, it isn’t. Stay away from Macs. Keep on using Windows and forget there ever was such a thing as a Mac. You obviously don’t get it, so why torture yourself and others? It is obvious that you have been tortured enough already, to the extent that you see your tormentor (Microsoft) as a friend and savior.

    Your opinions about the Mac platform are so far removed from most other columnists (and I use that word generously), that is a shame that you have a podium from which to preach. I assume there are many people that read your articles, and at least a good fraction of them probably make the assumption that you know what you are talking about and give your reviews based on a fair and objective stance. So, do some of your readers a real favor and stay away from Macs.


  4. I would go with a 14inch iBook and then just buy afermarket memory, but I am sure he would bitch about Apple memory typically costing more than PC memory. He says you need to spend at least 3k for a Mac? I don’t think so.

  5. Get a Dell, Paul, subscribe to Napster or that Real whatsitscalled service (Ecstasy?). Get anything you want. Write anything you want. Who gives a sh*t anyway? Think of the “no end” of time you’ll save having to explain the Mac in the Windows circles you run around in. Instead, you might find yourself engaging in real conversations on more important topics. You’re not scared of that … are you? Do you have an identity other than that of an “Apple basher”? Can you stand not being the center of attention? The quirky fella’ who has to carry around a Mac because it’s his job? Geta Dell! And go to hell.

  6. I’ve switched from the iPod to the superior Dell DJ anyway,

    omg…..I just am speechless, the guy is a nut

    but of course….the dell dj outsells the ipod every day….lol

  7. Deus: I didn’t go to his site, cause I know that is one of the main reasons why he does what he does. Just sent an email. And guess what? I got a reply already. I was surprised. Here it is:

    “So the fact that I’m not towing the company line makes me … Less valuable?
    Odd. I prefer to remain outside of Apple’s back pocket, unlike the
    “journalists” you no doubt follow avidly.

    I’m sorry you don’t agree with me, but I’m more freaked out that you would
    try to silence a dissenting opinion. So much for “think different,” eh?


    I’ve said my piece so I have no intentions of starting an email exchange with him. Wouldn’t do any good for either of us actually. In his reply I perceive that he is intending to correct my reference to him as a “columnist” by his use of the word “journalist”. No, I meant columnist. A columnist writes a column for a newspaper of magazine, whereas a journalist does “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation” (amoung other similar definitions), and we all know Paul Thurott doesn’t do THAT!

  8. P. Thurrott asks if he is missing something? He most be the only one on the planet prefering a Dell DJ over an iPod, that sure says something about him. He is such a waste of time, the only way for him to get noticed is to bash Apple. Leave this loser alone, let him rotten in solitude!
    He don’t get it, never had and never will. Just like MS, it don’t get more pathtic than this.

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