It’s a ‘go’ for Wireless FireWire

The 1394 Trade Association today approved the new Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) for IEEE 1394 over IEEE 802.15.3, which enables new


  1. I presume this ‘new’ technology won’t be able to simultaneously power devices, like the FireWire cables can? If it could, I imagine we’d all be walking around with frizzy hair standing on end, as though we just stuck our finger in the electrical socket.

  2. iPod to stereo wirelessly. Ahhhh.
    iPod to car stereo wirelessly and cleanly. Even better.
    Video iPod to big screen? Now we’re talkin’.
    Wireless iSight to iPod? Hmmmmm…

  3. Is this really going to permit wireless speeds EIGHT TIMES as fast as the current airport “extreme” “g”? (400 MBps v. 54 MBps)
    The only fly in this ointment is that current cable/DSL “broadband” speeds are still typically not even fast enough to take advantage of the 54 MBps speed, right?

  4. Micro(very)soft just recently dropped the floppy disk and is barely off the ground with Firewire, how many years before they use Wi-Fire?

    You’re aware that Steve has been known to utilize standards into his hardware before it has been fully adopted. Think USB and Airport. Will Tiger be able to fly through the air at the speed of fire… right out of the box?

    On June 29, 2004, CNBC reported…
    “On June 28th, a large thud was heard in Redmond, Washington, as 2000 jaws dropped open and hit the floor soon after Steve Jobs announced his OS X 10.4, Tiger, was fully compatible with the new Wireless Firewire. The necessary drivers are integrated into the new OS as well as the new Airport and iPod devices. He also introduced the new Airport Base Station with its additional 2 Firewire ports and an array of digital audio and video in/out jacks. This was demoed as 2 older Macs with the new $99 Airport cards wirelessly shared an external Firewire hard drive and an array of video devices connected to the Base Station. WIth the Bluetooh keyboard and mouse, the Macs had only 1 cord attached… that was for power. We expect Steve to eliminate that one in OS X 10.5. [broadcaster smiles]”

    “In other news, Microsoft announced that Longhorn will have Wireless Firewire, too… probably… maybe… in its 6th revision of the 12th update slated for early 2010. Gates was quoted as saying ‘The next decade for sure!’ “

    “…or just buy a Mac today. Now, for the financial report… Microsoft’s stock dropped 48% in early trading today….”

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