Fendi debuts $1,500 designer iPod carrying case

“Forget the $200 iPod bag from Gucci; it’s for cheapskates. The ultimate iPod accessory is Fendi’s Juke Box, a $1,500 carrying case for transporting multiple iPods. That’s right: multiple iPods,” Leander Kahney reports for Wired. “The bag, unveiled by the Italian fashion house at a catwalk show in Milan, is a rectangular gilded purse about the size of a bread bin. It is lined with multicolored cloth and incorporates a pocket for holding up to a dozen iPods.

“Lest it seem like a joke, it is not. The purse is designed specifically as an iPod carrying case. There’s even a hole on one side for the iPod’s earpiece cable. ‘It was designed for the iPod,’ confirmed Fendi spokeswoman Ayana Lewis, who is based in New York… The Juke Box was designed by German designer and iPod fanatic Karl Lagerfeld,” Kahney reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Okay, I can see picking up a $195 Gucci case – even though I’m not a huge fan of Gucci – and I’m still waiting for the Coach case, but this Fendi abomination is ridiculous. Transporting up to a dozen iPods? Please.

    “Designer Karl Lagerfeld modeled it on his own iPod case, which he uses for his collection of 40 iPods.”

    We’ve reached the point of complete insanity here, folks.

  2. The “Fendi Juke Box;” for people who have nothing better to do with their money…

    That’s just wonderful.

    It does illustrate, however, how highly the iPod and the miniPod are regarded as ‘chic’ among the fashion crowd. I suppose that this is in line with Steve’s trying to position Apple/iPod/miniPod as a ’boutique’ item. Now, if only he can get Joe-sixpack and Big Business to recognize the Mac/Apple/OS X as the preferrable choice. One step at a time, I suppose.

  3. DV,

    I am living in Seoul, S. Korea right now and I can probably have a knock-off made for you for less than $40. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Well I guess this answers my question regarding home many artist, actors, or other folk carry more than one iPod. I would assume enough to market this to. The question hit the back of my brain once, when reading an interview with Chris Rock, who I don’t consider an extravagent fellow at all, mention having different iPods for music, audiobooks, and comedy.

  5. Christ that’s fugly–and it doesn’t look very functional. For $1500 you’d think each iPod would be secured in it’s own protective pouch rather than just thrown together like that.

    Besides, how many models are going to have the upper body strength necessary to be able to tote a dozen iPods?

  6. Fandango:

    Deal.. $40 plus shipping, and extra for you for the trouble. I just need it to hold ONE first gen (20GB –or is that SECOND gen?) iPod. on a belt. You know, like a loop you put your belt through.

    Email me amd I will supply a drawing.


  7. Give a belt to Batman…..he needs the iPod….but we got to make it Yellow (old belt) or Black (new belt).

    Any music player can fit in the Fendi case. It’s not “tailored” for iPods.

    Waste of leather.

  8. “Lagerfeld uses the case to stow his multiple iPods — a dozen at last count…”

    I guess now we know who the lone person who spent over $29,000 at iTMS was!

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