Apple releases Backup 2.0.2 for .Mac members

Apple today released Backup 2.0.2 which is available to .Mac members by selecting the Backup icon on the .Mac website and via Automatic Software Update to .Mac members who have already installed a previous version of Backup.

Backup 2.0.2 adds performance and stability improvements to scheduled backups and is recommended for all Backup 2.0 users.

More info and download link (2MB) here.


  1. I’m really pleased with this update. I’m using Panther’s Disk Utility’s image and restore feature to clone the entire HDs of my desktop and two laptops to another HD (Jaguar users can do this using Carbon Copy Cloner.) And Backup is useful for all the intermediate data between major backups.

  2. I have been using .Mac for over 2 years and I love it! I had been using AOL for 3 years (ouch) before that. I paid about $300/yr (Stupid me. “Oh, but it’s ‘ONLY’ $25/month.” Duh.) for a service that only supported Macs as an afterthought. I dumped AOL when I realized that I could pay a third of what I had been paying AND support Apple at the same time.

    I’m glad that Apple continues to offer us updates like this. I, for one, appreciate it. I think that I’ll go download it now.

  3. Apple would get more users if they increased the size of the iDisk and email accounts. 100 MB’s is so small these days that no one bothers to use Zips. I can’t even send photos via email without limiting the attachments to one photo per email! For a paid email account they should at least let us SEND larger attachments.

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