iPod Browser 1.5 released

iPod Browser allows users to browse songs on your iPod and copy/backup songs to your Mac. The application’s readme file notes, “This application should not be used to copy MP3s that you do not have the right to own. You should not use this to copy MP3s between your iPod and other computers, etc. etc. etc.” iPod Browser is free.

Version 1.5 contains the following changes:
– ID3 Tag Editing implemented
– Repaired the Cataloging Listing issue – in 1.3 it only organized one column
so when you clicked on Artist, the Name and Artist would not match. That
is now working correctly.
– Drawer re-programming to minimize copy errors
– Clicking in an empty window no longer opens an empty drawer.
– Added a few hyperlinks to the application that link you to an info page as
well as my email.
– Some more cosmetic changes.

More info and download link here.


  1. Is there anything that allows me to copy my AAC files back to my computer? I’m not talking about iTMS AAC files, but AAC files I created from my own CD’s.

  2. Jeff, I use Podworks (http://www.scifihifi.com/podworks/) and can copy AAC files back to my computer or any other authorized computer with it. I don’t know what happens if I try to copy to an unauthorized computer since I haven’t done that yet. Anyway it is really good. It is shareware for 8 dollars but definately worth it.

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