Apple iPod’s real genius is changing the way music is experienced

“‘Just take those old records off the shelf, I sit and listen to ’em by myself,’ Bob Seger sings in ‘Old Time Rock and Roll,’ a staple of classic-rock radio. If today’s music doesn’t have the same soul, as Seger laments, it surely comes packed inside a remarkable new listening tool, one that is keeping more and more of those old records, and CDs, on a lot of shelves these days,” Joesph P. Kahn writes for The Boston Globe.

“Most conspicuous among the tools of this burgeoning revolution is the Apple-made iPod, a compact, lightweight digital-music player with a king-size capability to store, index, and play tunes at the flick of a wheel or the tap of a button. Introduced in 2001, the iPod is not the only MP3 player on the market, but it is the most popular and versatile of the bunch, offering prodigious amounts of computing power in a highly portable container,” Kahn writes. “Even more wondrous than its sophisticated technology, though, is how the iPods and their ilk are changing the way music is being experienced, or re-experienced, by all sorts of audiophiles in all sorts of settings, from health clubs and school cafeterias to malls and subway cars.”

“To youth-market researcher Max Valiquette, this combination of smallness and technological muscle is part of an accelerating cultural shift away from home-based entertainment toward a brave new world of portability, allowing consumers vastly greater control over what they listen to and view,’ Kahn writes. “‘One, you don’t have to wait for what you want to hear,’ says Valiquette, 30, an iPod user and president of Youthography, a research firm based in Toronto. ‘Two, it’s not the volume of songs but the navigation — by mood, genre, popularity, artist, et cetera — that’s the real genius here.'”

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  1. I concur. iPod is the most unique design of portable player out there. Nothing else comes close, or looks likely to come close.

    Simplicity is the key. Users don’t want silly buttons that do minor things. The beauty of the iPod is that it’s so simple yet so powerful.

  2. Absolutely! My daughter figured it out right off the bat, and now begs to borrow it whenever I get home from work. LOL I don’t even get time to listen to it now! I think if she hits Honor Roll again, she may get an iPod mini for Christmas this year. (I’d say her Birthday, but I don’t know how the availablility will be for this summer. heh)

    I love my new iPod for it’s ease of use, plain and simple. The only thing I’m asking for is for Apple to add the ability to sort by Year. While there are work arounds, there shouldn’t have to be. A simple update could add the ability to do that sorting by year. How about it Apple?

  3. Ithink that this question doesnt go with this topic, byt still, does mac os x provide any tools to make your own website without having to fork out a lot of cash for proper programs like adobe live i belive. please could you provide me with a link or just tell me where to find it.

    thank you.

  4. Dude regarding your question…
    For really cheap applications to develop websites, go with the open source apps that run on X 11 for Mac OS X (included in Panther) For graphic Design you just can use GIMP (looks like a Photoshop Clone), once you get to know it, you’ll just love it, specially because it is free…

    I am a little bit lazy to write down direct links but, do some google search on FINK (use it to get open source programs, it’s a package manager) or check out

    good luck!

  5. artiom,

    Being a newbie to web-authoring my needs are unsophisticated, and RapidWeaver from Realmac Software fits the bill perfectly for me. RW is an easy to use, elegant, and powerful Cocoa app that uses a variety of templates, just select a theme and add text in the content windows. With a basic knowledge of HTML formatting tags, you can get some sophisticated results. The manual even includes a tutorial on creating your own templates. A very well spent thirty dollars, IMHO.

  6. I think the appeal of iPod is that it is almost like listening to the radio, except every song that comes up is one that you like. You can’t be sure of what is next, so it is always surprising you with something that you didn’t realise you wanted to listen to. I know other MP3 players can do this too, but the iPod simply does it easiest.

    Puts a smile on my face several times a day, anyway.

  7. Artiom:
    You didn’t state what level of expertise you have or need in your software or website. If you seek quick, simple and professional, have you taken a look at what Apple offers at “.Mac”? ( Being an integral part of iDisk, it works seamlessly with your Mac. Adding and deleting files for your webpages is as easy as if they were on your harddrive, just drag and drop. They also offer the ability to secure your site with a password and to create multiple independent sites. There is NO advertising on the pages. If you ever what to go beyond Apple’s themes, it is very easy to simply store your own webpages there.

    I created my entire website ( within a Saturday afternoon, and haven’t even touched many of the other features or the other 60 Mb still available out of my original 100 Mb of iDisk space. Oh, geezz… iDisk in itself is worth it! ( I have some vital info/files that I safely store there should disaster ever strike my home and computer, as well as placing items in the “Public” folder for files that are too large to send via email (or for those rare few fools that have AOL email and have problems with attachments).

    Apple offers a FREE 60 day trial. You have nothing to lose by test driving it. If you do like it, it’s $99/year. But, for the average of $8.25/month, it is a cheap and VERY EASY way to host professional-looking websites and securely store/transfer files.

  8. wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch a movie on your ipod while you jog??


    no vid. ipod thanks.. rock on apple..

    bring on the heavy set MS appliances

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