Apple releases QuickTime Update

“Apple Computer issued on Friday a security advisory and fix for a QuickTime flaw that the company describes as a minor issue, but which is classified as a serious problem by the firm that found the vulnerability,” Robert Lemos reports for CNET News.

“Apple said the flaw in the QuickTime movie player for Mac OS X could cause the player to crash. ‘Playing a malformed .mov (movie) file could cause QuickTime to terminate,’ Apple said in an advisory published on late Friday afternoon,” Lemos reports. “The company that found and reported the flaw to Apple in February, eEye Digital Security, claimed Apple is downplaying the seriousness of the flaw in its advisory. A movie file could be created, the firm maintained, that would cause malicious code to execute when the user opened the file.”

“‘We told them that if you are not able to execute code then talk to us, so we can show you the issues,’ said Marc Maiffret, chief hacking officer for eEye Digital Security. An Apple representative could not be reached for comment,” Lemos reports.

Full article here.

The QuickTime Update can be downloaded from Apple’s website or via the Mac OS X’s Software Update.


  1. MDN is so slow to react to the real issues.
    MDN want�s to have rants concerning Real, M$, Thurrott and few other tools.
    MDN does not want to publish good news about Apple and same goes with Mob=The MacObserver (TMO).

  2. hey finland im tired of you whining like a little brat. if you dont like this site then all you have to do is stop reading the article and leave. there are 200 other mac sites so have at them if you hate this one so much.

    or better yet why dont you make your own site and then you can post whatever the hell you want

  3. As I am on the “crapper” I am reading these comments and I must say, very good Bronx Guy. The only problem I am having is that My keyboard seems to always smell like decomposing brocolli. What am I doing to cause this?

  4. That’s easy. You are typing on it with fingers that smell of decomposing brocolli. And if you are in the bathrrom, I want to know that BOTH hands are being used for typing.

  5. If we get back to the subject, C|net, with that quicktime update report is, again, trying to shove the MacIntosh into the PC hell they live. C|net is so full of sh** that, with the use of Apple news on their site, they attract mac users and others who come from keyword search and they expertise on bad apple coverage. Shame on you dirty C|net! Shame!

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