CNET launches free music download service

“Online technology company CNET Networks Inc. on Monday launched a free digital music service, allowing users to search and download what it said were thousands of songs contributed by independent and unsigned artists,” Reuters reports. :The service, based on CNET’s Web site, has been collecting music for the past few weeks, encouraging musicians to register on the site and upload their songs.”

“The music download service will be separate from the Web site, which CNET has said it will relaunch soon as a music information site,” Reuters reports.

Full article here.


  1. here’s a thought: works as a free site that most ppl know about…

    but is so freakin’ boring … it’s a good thing the word FREE was mentioned..this is hurting..

    PS. apparently, walmart got half of itunes sales last month.. isn’t that amazing..i heard their site was a pain in the ass…

    that means 1.3 million ppl are downloading to the freakin file manager etc.

  2. Whoa! A real “iTunes killer”.
    (yeah, that was a sarcasm)

    Expect CNET to increase the dying iPods, iTunes, and Apple article output. They showed no ethics then and expect none now.

  3. Although it doesn’t say so explicitly, the article indicates that MP3 is used. If WMA is such an “open” system, why not use that? I would hope that once the industry gets past all this DRM hoo ha, then it really won’t matter what your “ecosystem” is.

  4. This will be as good as their Apple perspective and journalistic integrity…

    Anyone who has read Apple news from Cnet know what I’m talking about…

  5. Great, now we can get some more unbiased reporting. They better use all languages know including whale cause I don’t want to see them doing any cunning linguistics on themselves only.

  6. Breaking NEWS…
    “Jobs to speak on iTunes Music Store anniversary
    April 26, 2004 – 12:09 EDT�� Apple announced today that it will be holding an iTunes Music Store anniversary conference call this Wednesday, April 28 at 11:30 a.m. ET. Apple CEO Steve Jobs will update media and industry analysts on the iTunes Music Store one year after its launch.”

    GREAT! Steve is going to present us iTMS World!
    Yes! Finally!
    cnet can stuff its service up somewhere

  7. Someone explain the business “logic” of this chain of events.

    1. Acquire a domain name,, that people have been using for years to download music from independent artists.
    2. Decide to offer music downloads from independent artists at
    3. Turn into a “music information site”, whatever that means.

    Given that they bought the mp3 domain name, shouldn’t they be using it for their downloads? If they’re not going to use it for WHAT IT’S KNOWN FOR, it’s a silly purchase. After all, in 3 years, do you think people will be listening to MP3s?

    It sounds like Cnet is facing a little internal politics here… dumb dumb decisions.

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