Apple iPod is close to ‘perfect technology’

“Thank the gods for Apple computer. They took what some of us perceive as a bitter pill and made it palatable. For years now, I


  1. As perfect as technology allows I suppose. My biggest gripes are less than 8 hours of run time and no way to recharge the battery except from a 120 V wall socket. I would pay good money for a manual charger similar to the Sidewinder for cell phones.

  2. “…except from a 120 V wall socket.” ??????

    or get the car adapter…
    or the external battery pack…

    “I would pay good money for a manual charger similar to the Sidewinder for cell phones.”

    That’ll be cool but I suppose it’ll take more gumption, I mean juice (amperes) to get the HD a-rollin’ – good thought though


  3. “These mavericks built an empire founded on going against the grain and defying the status quo in a world ruled by corporate dullards with narrow minds and no vision. It�s why us creative types will always rally to Apple�s corner and support them,”

    That comment is one of the secrets to Apple’s amazingly loyal following. So be it if fellow mavericks make up only about 2% of the world’s computer user population. I’m happy and Apple is doing well.

    What’s the latest on getting out enough iPods and Minis to flood the world market? The last I heard was they had run into a shortage of hard drives and were ramping up the production lines but there’s been no recent news about this. Also how close are we to clearing the way for iTunes in the rest of the world? The clock is ticking and competitors are preparing to jump in.

  4. cpr86:

    OK, I can juice up my Pod from a 12 V DC battery. What if my vehicle is 60 plus miles from my Pod and me? I don’t think that extension cords are made that long. Are there any photovoltaic Pod chargers out there?

  5. John,
    iPod keeps Apple’s name out there and gets people interested in the company. They are not a “one horse race.” If people use and enjoy the iPod, they may look more closely at the Macintosh and the elegance of OSX.
    Just be happy Apple is enjoying some success again and hope they don’t mess this one up.

  6. Meat of Mouse,

    There are 12 volt photovoltai cells out there to charge portable items. So yes, you can charge your cell phone, laptop and ipod while getting away fromt he world

  7. Hey, if the iPod can make someone like me who has been using PC’s since the mid 80’s convert to Apple, All hail iPod! I have a 15 inch powerbook in my shopping cart @ Apple, but I’m hesitant, because of an article that was posted here. They might be releasing newer models of powerbooks in april or may. Any truth to these rumors?

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