Singapore to get massive new Apple Centre store

“The snob appeal has been fading at shopping mall Pacific Plaza. It wants to be hip and happening again, and is plumping once more for yuppie brand names to fill its five floors. With upmarket furniture retailer Lifestorey bowing out in June following the exodus of the Prada group last year, the Scotts Road complex hopes to carve a niche with brands that appeal to shoppers aged 18 to 35,” Kelvin Wong reports for The Straits Times. “Market buzz is that a one-stop Apple Centre will be the anchor tenant, occupying all 11,000 sq ft of space on the fourth floor. Bigger than the three existing Apple Centres here, it will be a ‘complete concept’ store, modelled along the chain of Apple stores in the United States and Japan, sources told The Straits Times yesterday.”

Wong reports, “The store will be run by a third-party reseller because Apple Computer does not operate retail outlets on its own outside the US.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple does indeed operate retail outlets on its own outisde the US, in Asia, no less, with their Apple Store Ginza in Tokyo, Japan.


  1. The Ginza Store is really nice. Two things I would like to see implemented though.

    1) The ability to order software titles that are not in Stock in the store. There is a Catch 22 in Asia where sometimes you cannot buy the English version locally. They will tell you that you can order it from the United States. HOWEVER, when you try and order it from the United States they will tell you that they do not ship to Japan and you must buy it locally. I would like for the Apple store to be the one place where this conundrum is solved.

    2) I wish they would have more training of employees. Almost everytime I end up telling the employee about new stuff and not the other way around. The Genius Bar is better on this but the sales people should be better informed and Apple should undertake this training with weekly new info briefings and basic training sessions. I have noticed this phenomenon in the Apple stores in the states as well where other customers have proven more informative than a lot of the sales people. But one good point is so far all of the sales people have been really friendly and have done their best to help as much as possible.

  2. “[…] when you try and order it from the United States they will tell you that they do not ship to Japan and you must buy it locally.”

    You’d have to give an example, but I know the company that I used to work for would not sell the English version in Japan, but I believe the Japanese version also had the English version (hooray for OS X multilingual support!)

    That said, the Japanese version of the software cost twice as much as the English version. I assume that was why.

  3. I’m be a bit worried that Apple’s Singapore agent has chosen this location. Most former anchor tenants in this upmarket shopping centre have not done well and the centre’s management in this small centre isn’t proactive in promotions.
    Pacific Plaza is in a more quiet section of the Scotts Road/ Orchard Road shopping belt. A better location wud have been somewhere along Orchard Road where the traffic is a lot higher. Anyway, this is only market buzz from a property management company that seems to be desperately looking for a new tenant.

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