Comcast buys TechTV

“Cable television giant Comcast Corp. announced Thursday it will buy cable network TechTV from Vulcan Programming Inc. Terms were not announced,” Shelley Solheim reports for eWEEK. “Comcast will merge TechTV with G4, Comcast’s network geared for the gaming community. The move will nearly triple the size of G4’s network.”

“‘We’re expanding from 15 million cable subscribers to 44 million cable and satellite subscribers,’ said Deb Green, G4’s chief operating officer. Comcast has been working on the deal for over a year now, she said. Green said TechTV was targeted because it focuses on the same audience as G4: young males, ages 12 to 34,” Solheim reports.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmm, I’m a big fan of TechTV (Call for Help, Screensavers and X-Play anyways). G4 . . . not so great. They have quite a few jack*sses on their shows.

    Hope this doesn’t bring down TechTV any. Although if they lost RobotWars and Anime Unleashed I wouldn’t be upset at all.

  2. what’s this news has anything to do with Apple?

    “MacDailyNews : Where Mac News Comes First”

    First. Not Exclusively. Nowhere does it say this site is entirely about Apple and/or Macintosh.

  3. TechTV people love apple. They enourage people to buy a mac over a pc all the time! Leo, and Kat both use’s their Power Books on the air, so this station is free publicity for apple. So its deffiantly apple news.

  4. “what’s this news has anything to do with Apple?”

    Well, Leo on Call for Help and the ScreenSavers is always promoting Mac and OSX. He is probably the most visible advocate out there on television. I also hope Comcast doesn’t screw it up.

  5. If they are so mac friendly, lets see some quicktime video.

    Good point. They used to have video in all three formats. Now it’s only WiMP.

    I hope Morgan Webb stays, even though she is pretty lame technically. Oh, what am I saying, Comcast doesn’t even carry TechTV in Seattle! Ironic? I haven’t seen it in the year I’ve been here.

  6. I pick up TechTV every now and again. It comes through on other stations. Is Patrick Norton from the Screensavers still the anti Mac guy he’s always been? Haven’t watched that show in a while.

  7. yuck, frigging comcast, i never seen such a high cable bill, i watch tv about 2 hours a week just for a change.

    i use netflix to watch any movie i want for $20 a month, can watch a movie a day just about.

    screw comcost

    I got a feeling Tech TV is going to be Microsoft TV

    i’ll wait and see, but then i don’t watch TV much either

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