Report card for Windows vs. Macintosh

“Macintosh partisans seem to be in a constant state of feud with the PC world. They care for Macs in the fierce and protective way brothers love an ugly sister. Most of the PC world seems unaware that there’s a feud. To them, the Mac is a niche player, a quaint hanger-on. Me? I love computers of all types. When a reader tries to draw me into a Mac/PC debate, my usual position is: Get a life. That’s fun to say. But it’s a cop-out answer,” Bill Husted writes for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


  1. That was a pretty lame column. “Let me write a column comparing the two. They are about the same. End of report.”

    I (obviously) disagree about ease of use. I use both XP and Panther, and Panther is, by far, a much more user friendly, easier to use OS, if for no other reason than for uninstalling an application!

  2. That isn’t totally true MDN. My roommate uses Mac OS X exclusivly at hi job. He is a prepress techincian, at a Major University. At home he owns 2 machines both running Windows XP. Of course it doesn’t help that he is a major gamer when he is home, with lot’s of his games are windows Only.

    As for me i take and use what ever suits my fancy. I have a windows Gaming machine, a linux server, and Powerbook.

  3. The story’s not interesting me, but the MDN take is. Particularly the Every Windows user to whom we’ve ever introduced or reintroduced a Mac, and who actually use a Mac OS X machine for awhile to get used to it, end up raving about the Mac and disliking Windows in comparison.

    This weekend I dropped off my ‘spare’ G4 at a friends house. He’s a fed-up windows geek. He knows his way around some of the nasty places under the windows hood. He was saying that he thought for a long time that we was really clever for knowing all this stuff, but recently he’s been thinking that it’s just a waste of his time.

    I’ve explained that it’s quite old and slow (g4 400, 16mb AGP graphics), so he may have to be patient with it. He’s pleased to have it, but is very slightly lost (mainly because he’s a keyboard shortcut addict).

    So anyway, I figure this is a good way to get a potatntial switcher to make up his mind. If he decides a PC is the way he wants to go, then at least it’ll be an informed and experienced decision.

    I do have one question (apologies if this hijacks the thread). Does anyone know what low-cost graphics cards could be put into that G4 ? It would be nice to get quartz extreme on that machine.

  4. My Director at work is giving his PowerBook back because it doesn’t have two buttons on the trackpad. Not a good reason in my opinion, but to each his own.

  5. I think the Mac wins out hands down on every aspect of computing – EXCEPT FOR GAMES. That’s the dealio, and the PC will always be the big winners for this reason, and users will continue to put up with horrendous aspects of their OS, just so they can piddle with the games they love. So, it stands to reason, that Apple needs to put some serious incentive to get the game makers to port to the Mac. That will make more switchers than any ad campaign in the world.

  6. Once I am in the program, whichever one I use, the OS means very little. Programs on XP and OSX both work fine. I spend little time on the desktop.
    By the way, XP never crashes -have no problems with it.
    And windows PC is much, much cheaper to purchase.

  7. TommyBoy:
    Have you shown your director how to “right click” using the Control key? I’m a recent switcher, have a PowerBook, don’t want to bother with a mouse, and found the Control key works just fine for right clicking.

  8. own both: By the way, XP never crashes -have no problems with it.

    In my experience as a Tech Support technician, XP has, and does Crash. I’ve seen it, and have had many calls dealing with such problems. XP is by no means, Crash-Proof. It doesn’t crash as much as ME and previous versions of Windows, but that’s as far as I’ll go in that respect. OS X, by far, has MUCH fewer problems.

    And windows PC is much, much cheaper to purchase.

    That is and will always be one of 2 factors that Windows PCs have over Macs, Even though the difference is initially just $200 or so.

    G Spank: I think the Mac wins out hands down on every aspect of computing – EXCEPT FOR GAMES. That’s the dealio, and the PC will always be the big winners for this reason

    And that’s the second reason. But it’s a tenuous reason at best, because many of the most popular games eventually do make it to the Mac. Patience is usually the best virtue in that respect.

    Overall, he’s reviewing the Tech aspect of the machines…but he doesn’t review much on the side of the “User Experience”, which in my mind, counts the most. His review seems to be technically correct…but it is lacking.

    The only other sticking point is the following…

    ��Bang for the buck: It’s not fair to use the speed of the processor chip as the guide. Macintoshes with a slower megahertz rating perform faster than a PC with the same megahertz rating.

    But, overall, the real speed demons are PCs. Macintoshes offer less performance for the dollar. Here’s why: All Macintoshes are made by Apple. PCs are made by literally hundreds of different companies, competing head-on. To prosper in that kind of competition, price-cutting is necessary. I give the PC an A, the Mac a C-minus.
    (Emphasis mine)

    He’s switching gears in the middle of his comments to blast Apple for not cutting prices, while the real point here is Value for your Money. Dollar for Dollar, I’ve found my Mac to exceed my PCs in value, because not only do they work, but they work As Expected or better. Just because a part is $50 cheaper than another doesn’t mean it’s valuable. It just means it’s Cheaper. And with PC hardware, Cheap seems to be the key word. Just go to a Computer Parts show and you’ll see.


  9. And then PC wins in the “I want to build one myself” segment.
    If inclined, one can go to their local Fry�s or other PC parts store and build one from scratch – picking whatever components one wants.
    You can�t do that with a Mac.
    (Friend just built himself a nice PC over the weekend with a 2.6Ghz processor, etc., etc for around $650.
    He�s happy with it and saved some money.)

    If Apple had some competition new models would come out faster…

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