1. It is very interesting that they brought back the “XSpace” interface for web browsing! I have always thought that was a great interface for browsing through a complex web site. However, very, very few web sites ever implemented the necessary tags to support it. Even I stopped trying to use it back in 1999. Nice to see some other people were impressed by it too.

  2. All I saw from the link was a digital remake excerpted from the “Shining” and some obscure reference to iPod cubed. Not much to go on for me. At the risk of confounding some and waxing sentimental for others, “Where’s the beef?”.

  3. For dumber and meat: This clever work envisions what you would see when you put on your iPod3 3-D glasses and begin browsing in a virtual world using an Xspace-like interface (hence the finger control point and click apparatus) to search for Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The big problem I see is the cost of having legal copies of all the movies shown loaded into this envisionary iPod3! Even at today’s prices, looks to me like it would break the bank.

  4. Jabberwocky – maybe they are streamed wirelessly from an Apple subscription service so that you don’t have to buy all of them or store all of them locally. Or, perhaps, the wireless connection is only a license server and you do store them locally (holographic memory, I assume).

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