Apple releases DVD Studio Pro 2.0.5, Compressor 1.1 Updates

Apple has released DVD Studio Pro 2.0.5 Update which includes critical fixes for placement of the dual layer break point on DVD-9 titles.

Apple has also released Compresor 1.1 Update which the company says, “dramatically improves MPEG-2 encoding performance. Presets optimized for DVD Studio Pro 2. Enhanced reliablity of Submit button.”

More info and download link here.


  1. This is the same bullshit you hear about from the likes of Enderle and Thurott! Won’t these morons realize that Apple will crush the “DVD studio”!?!? I give them 6 months before they’re gone. When they publish something like this, it really affects their credibility. Macs will always rule and those Losers who use “dvd studio” don’t know quality if it slapped them in the face!

  2. R.V.,
    What the heck are you taliking about? DVD SP is an amazing product and produces equally amazing results and it keeps getting better. At its price point, nothing comes close to what it can do. Get a life.

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