Mac OS X Themes: Max updates ‘Milk’ and ‘Aluminum Alloy’

Max Themes has posted updates for both “Milk” and “Aluminum Alloy” Mac OS X Themes:

Milk 2.1 – This is an original OS X theme inspired by the G4 “Globe” iMac. If Aqua makes you think of water, this theme makes you think of Milk. Includes icons, a Safari skin, desktop pictures and dock skins:


  1. freebee: Thanks to great software like ShapeShifter (which these themes need ro run) theme are now safe and really easy to install. Shapeshifter tells the OS to look elsewhere for the resources it needs. Instead of replacing vaulable system files. Thus elimnating the problem causes when updating your operating system.

  2. I am similar to “ndelc” and am not into 3rd party software that alters the OS. If Apple wants to release a “Themes” for System Preferences, I’d be the first to use it. Otherwise, I let Apple be the only one to enhance or alter the OS because I don’t want the Microsoft-like nightmares when I decide to upgrade my OS.

  3. “MacDailyNews does NOT recommend using Max’s “Mac OS XP” Theme. That would be like putting Ed Asner’s head on Courteney Cox’s body. Or sticking a PC’s guts into a Power Mac G5’s case (yeah, we knew it was a hoax). Please do not deface your Mac.”

    That G5 mod was a hoax? How so?

  4. Well, I’m currently defacing my Mac and loving it! The golden sub-theme included with the XP pack from Max is a delight..and actually extremely functional. It’s going to stay for a while.

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