Wall Street Journal’s Mossberg: Apple GarageBand a ‘terrific tool, another feather in Apple’s cap’

“I’ve been testing GarageBand and found that it actually does enable even someone like me, with neither musical knowledge nor talent, to create a song — not that you’d want to listen to it. It has Apple’s typical touch: lots of power, but in an elegant, easy-to-use design,” Walt Mossberg reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“For a more seasoned evaluation, I turned to my son, Steve Mossberg, a professional keyboard player and singer-songwriter who has produced CDs using a variety of methods, from full-blown professional studios, to stand-alone recording hardware, to computers running expensive recording software,” Mossberg reports. “After working with GarageBand for a week or so, Steve told me: ‘For its price, this program is incredible. You can make a killer demo with it.’ He adds that professionals would need to supplement GarageBand with more expensive, and more capable, software. But, for amateurs, he says, ‘it’s great.'”

“All in all, GarageBand is a terrific tool for amateur musicians. It’s another reason to buy a Mac, and another feather in Apple’s cap,” Mossberg writes.

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  1. It is a great product for amateurs or beginners no doubt.

    Not powerful enough for my needs, but considering it comes bundled with the equally impressive iMovie 4 for $49.00 retail, you can only be totally impressed.

    The Wintel crowd has no idea what they are missing, and considering how cheap most of them are, I am sure the price tag twists their panties to no end. ;o)

  2. Once again Mossberg, once an Apple naysayer, praises Apples efforts. And for good reason.

    Mossberg’s reach is huge. The Wall Street Journal has a bigger circulation than The New York Times.

    Apple users used to flay him for criticizing Macintoshes. He is now our friend and advocate. And that is something to be happy about.

    david vesey

  3. I’ve been playing around with it now for a couple weeks, and it’s been nothing if not absolutely amazing. GarageBand blows away all expectations for amature music making, and having it come out professional sounding. The two tracks I’ve made so far just using the loops provided sounds far and away better than anything I could have imagined. I’ll eventually be adding a USB keyboard for my daughter and I to use, and I can’t wait to start creating some truely original compositions with it. (now I Just need a better Mac, so I can do some of the G4 instruments too, and i’ll be all set)

  4. I’m a semi-pro musician and I’m used to using MOTU’s Digital Performer. Sure, GarageBand isn’t quite as good as that, and I still need DP for final compositions, but it’s an amazing app for the price and much easier to write demos with. I’ll be using it right along with DP. It has fantastic drum loops as well. I couldn’t be more impressed.

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