Apple releases Final Cut Express 2.0.2 Update

Apple has released Final Cut Express 2.0.2 Update which includes fixes and improvements for Final Cut Express 2. Improvements include changes to the user interface and window displays, documentation, and user preferences. This update also fixes known issues with audio and video syncing over FireWire, Timeline editing functionality, and capturing long clips. Final Cut Express 2.0.2 is strongly recommended for all users of Final Cut Express 2.

More info and download link here.


  1. Cool first post!

    Just a update folks, it looks like Silent PC Review has cracked, Team Mac OS X #1971 has finally broken their backs, it’s been a long struggle but we ain’t quite ahead of them yet, we predict a couple of more days.

    If you don’t know, we have been engaged in a Folding@home contest against a PC team, and they sure are not going down quietly.

    If you want to join a rapidly growing team and kick some PC booty, then come by and see us. Take a peek, you might like what you see.

  2. Sailfish, just started folding for ya. Won’t be a big contribution though, but every bit, right?

    As to the FCE update, apparently the creature Thurrott has decided to honor this particular update with his wisdom, judging by the excerpt on Macsurfers, though I’m not going to give the idiot hits by checking it out!

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