‘MyDoom’ Windows virus spreads rapidly; Macintosh unaffected

“A mass-mailing virus quickly spread through the Internet on Monday, compromising computers so that they attack the SCO Group’s Web server with a flood of data on Feb. 1, according to antivirus companies,” Robert Lemos reports for CNET News.com.

“The virus–known as MyDoom, Novarg and as a variant of the Mimail virus by different antivirus companies–arrives in an in-box with one of several different random subject lines, such as ‘Mail Delivery System,’ ‘Test’ or ‘Mail Transaction Failed.’ The body of the e-mail contains an executable file and a statement such as: ‘The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment,'” Lemos reports.

“‘It’s huge,’ said Vincent Gullotto, vice president of security software maker Network Associates’ antivirus emergency response team. ‘We have it as a high-risk outbreak.’ In one hour, Network Associates itself received 19,500 e-mails bearing the virus from 3,400 unique Internet addresses, Gullotto said. One large telecommunications company has already shut down its e-mail gateway to stop the virus,” Lemos reports.

“Once the virus infects a Windows-running PC, it installs a program that allows the computer to be controlled remotely. The program primes the PC to send data to the SCO Group’s Web server, starting Feb. 1, a virus researcher said on the condition of anonymity. The SCO Group has incurred the wrath of the Linux community for its claims that important pieces of the open-source operating system are covered by SCO’s Unix copyrights. IBM, Novell and other Linux backers strongly dispute the claims,” Lemos reports.

“The virus installs a Windows program that opens up a ‘back door’ in the system, allowing an attacker to upload additional programs onto the compromised device. The back door also enables an intruder to route his connection through the infected computer to hide the source of an attack,” Lemos reports.

Computers running Apple’s Macintosh and Mac OS X operating systems are unaffected.

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  1. As soon as Longhorn makes Windows virus-free, then Mac fanatics will install viruses on their Macs so they can be different. That’s assuming it is possible to write a virus for the Mac. I’ve never seen or heard of one. Oh well.

  2. “How come you never see the troll king AKA Joe McConnel posting in these threads?” – R.V.

    Give the guy a break, man. He is probably disinfecting his computer now.

    “and i’m virus-free :p” – Mac Beth

    Virus is not the only thing that causes infections. There are worms too.


  3. Longhorn? Hahahahahahaha!
    There is no Longhorn, and never will be. Microsoft will be in receivership by then. Even PC drones will balk at having all their files stored on MS’s servers. The whole concept of Longhorn is totally insane. “Trustworthy computing” from Microsoft – what a joke.

    The latest virus should be called MSDoom, ‘cos that’s what it is.

  4. I’m getting flooded with these. Not to mention all the errors from ISPS RETURNING the virus to my domain–simply because the virus putting fake From addresses and some are non-existent people at my domain.

    It’s aggravating, but I think… what if I had Windows? I cannot imagine the aggravation of having important data on a Windows box these days. I’d never sleep.

  5. Yawn. Another virus update, tempting to forgot to upgrade everyone here in the office, especially considering the anti-Mac flak I have to put up with looking after their precious virus magnets – you can tell how much I enjoy my job!

  6. All your code are belong to us.

    There are no Windoze infidels in our servers. Never! My feelings – as usual – we will slaughter them all. Our initial assessment is that they will all die. I blame C-Net – they are marketing for the Windoze idiots! God will roast their stomachs in hell at the hands of our code warriors. They’re coming to surrender or be burned in their servers. No I am not scared, and neither should you be! Be assured. SCO headquarters is safe, protected. Who are in control, they are not in control of anything – they don’t even control their own bowels! We are not afraid of the Windoze users.� Allah has condemned them.� They are stupid.� They are stupid [dramatic pause] and they are condemned. The Windoze users, they always depend on a method what I call … stupid, silly. All I ask is check yourself. Do not in fact repeat their lies. I can say, and I am responsible for what I am saying, that they have
    started to commit suicide under the walls of our headquarters. We
    will encourage them to commit more suicides quickly.

    — Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
    SCO Information Minister

  7. Bollox to Windows… I’m absolutely disgusted that Bill Gates is swanning around telling Brits to be innovative. Since when has Microsoft been a success? It’s a disgraceful OS and should be outlawed immediately. It’s a simple fact that if Windows wasn’t here, viruses wouldn’t be here.

    Argue amongst yourselves Windoze lovers, you know my comments are correct. Stop living in denial.

  8. I’ve gotten three of them and an ISP return or one that seemed to use an incorrect user name with my domain name.

    I’m curious though, I tried scanning the attachements (after moving them to my desktop) with Virex 7.2 (up to date) and they showed up clean. Having read descriptions of the virus, I’m sure this is it (and I never get these types of attachments ending it .pif etc. or any attachments from strangers generally.

    So why isn’t it showing up as a virus with Virex? Wouldn’t it be a danger to anyone I forwarded it to, even if it doesn’t affect my Mac? Just for kicks I tried opening one afterward in text edit and just got the code but it meant nothing to me.

  9. wow, just got another undeliverable address using my domain name and email saying the address had permanent fatal errors. I didn’t sent it of course, to an AOL account. What is going on? Does that mean this thing is sending out emails using my domain email address?

  10. I received five of them overnight, all filtered beautifully into my iBook’s junk mailbox. What I found most amazing is that there are still people out there, probably spanning all platforms, dumb enough to open these sorts of attachments.

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