Apple posts pre-launch Pepsi iTunes promo webpage

Apple has posted a pre-launch webpage for its Pepsi iTunes promotion featuring the giveaway of 100 million songs from the iTunes Music Store. The promotion will launch with Pepsi’s TV campaign during the Superbowl on February 1st. The page allows users to enter their email address (it will not be collected or used by Apple or Pepsi-Cola Company for any marketing purposes) in order to be notified when the promo begins and touts a “more than pop” theme: “soul. metal. funk. rock. rap. punk. more than pop. jazz. country. and blues. 100 million free songs. 1 in 3 wins.”

The page is on here.


  1. from the rules:
    “To receive one free game piece and a copy of Official Rules, while supplies last, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope postmarked on or before 3/31/04 to: Pepsi iTunes Game Piece, P.O. Box 9205, Young America, MN 55558-9205. Residents of the state of VT may omit return postage.”

    So, for $.70 you could win a song…while last time i checked, a pepsi cost about $1.29 (it’s only $.34 if you live in vermont)

    Get the song, for $.20 off, and don’t rot your teeth in the process.

  2. For the duration of this marketing campaign, I will be switching to Pepsi. Who knows, maybe I’ll convert? *laugh*

    Seriously, for free iTunes music, I’ll drink moose pee. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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  4. Okay, maybe I’m missing the joke here, but this is silly.

    A song from the iTunes music store costs $0.99. The 20 oz. Pepsi, here in Southern California, costs $1.25. In theory (and I won’t even get into probability analysis), I have to buy three of them to get one winning song. So I’m spending $3.75 for a $0.99 song.

    When I’m at the grocery store, I usually buy a six-pack for the office. I don’t think I’m going to go spend $7.50 for six 20 oz. bottles for the office fridge when I can spend $3.00 at Stater Brothers Supermarket for six 24 oz. bottles. I’ll take my savings and buy 4 songs on the music store–in theory I’d only get two from my six-pack purchase–and still have money left over.

    Don’t get me wrong: I think the promotion is great. And, if I’m buying a loose bottle of soda, I’ll forgo Mountain Dew (speaking of moose piss… :^) for a month or so just for the entertainment value. But I think I’ll leave most of the Pepsi bottles out there for people who’ve never used the iTunes Music Store. Apple already has me as a customer.

  5. I think they will include mountain dew and all the other delicious Pepsico products in the million dollar giveaway, then you’ll be able to drink all the high octane rott gut you want!

  6. Sometimes some of the posts on here are just plain silly. No neanderthal is going to buy a bottle of Pepsi just to get a free song. Pepsi and Apple hope that as you gaze over the glass cooler doors, trying to decide which one to drink, that the choice between Coke for $1.25 or Pepsi PLUS a free song for $1.25 will be enough to make you choose Pepsi.

    For people like me that have friends in convenience stores that will be glad to collect any unused winning caps from the regular customers that are not interested in iTunes music, I will make a killing.

    The saddest thing will be seeing all of those Mac users diggin’ through the dumpsters for discarded yellow caps, not unlike an 1849 gold digger.

  7. Aryugaetu:

    ANYTHING is better at this time. Imagine if Coke had the same deal going but with their ‘’ HAHAHA. It dont work, they lead you to believe it’s online. HAHAHA. Guess they should have gone for something that actually works.

    Companies sure spread themselves too thin getting into something they have never been in business doing. Stick to the carmel syrup recipes.

  8. Peter,

    You’re looking at it the wrong way. This is simple marketing 101.

    Let’s say you’re thirsty. You want a soda so you’re standing there in front of the glass case trying to decide between a Pepsi and Mountain Dew Code Red (Moose Piss with blood). Now, are you going to simply polp down you’re $1.25 for a Code Red or are you going to plop down your $1.25 on a Pepsi + the chance to get a song from iTunes for free (thus a $.99 savings).

    I drink alot of soda and buy alot of songs from iTunes so the choice is obvious to me. Yes it’s 1 in 3 bottle win but the point is you don’t do it just to get the free song, you do it to get the Pepsi + the chance.

  9. These promotions are targetted mostly to kids. Pepsi and Coke are always duking it out to grab as much of the new teenage market as they can. Now that Apple has a cool factor with young consumers these undecided kids are more likely to drink more Pepsi than other customers. Coke is taking a big chance that they can be as cool as Apple. If they fail they will definitely be considered uncool.

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