Company debuts solar powered jacket; charge your iPod on-the-go

ICP Solar Technologies Inc. (ICP), the world’s largest developer of solar products for consumers, and SCOTTeVEST LLC (SeV), the leading Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC) company, unveiled the first solar power jacket prototypes designed to allow wearers to carry, connect and charge their portable digital devices, such as Apple’s iPod, at the 2004 International CES

The ICP Global Solar division is integrating ICP


  1. “Sass Peress, CEO of ICP Solar Technologies, which licensed the solar system from GSE Technologies”

    It’s GSE Technologies’ Solar System. We just live in it.

    (I know–there is no other way to say this. I’m not picking on the editors. It just sounded amusing)

    I’d be tempted to plunk down the money for one. Fortunately, I live in Southern California where I have little need for a heavy jacket.

  2. The trouble with this invention seems to be that the places with the strongest sunlight are also the places where people are least likely to want to wear jackets. So unless they’re aiming for the skiing crowd, I can’t see who would buy this.

  3. Dave, visit us up here in Chicago. PLENTY of sunny, COLD days around here. I’d buy one of these if it’s not too expensive. Heck, it’ll get all of these electronic devices out of my pockets and belt as well. 😀

  4. I suppose one might have a minor problem walking through airport security with one of these! Even sending through a wired jacket may have unforeseen results.

    [I am not a supporter of our lost rights as a result of the so-called security at airports. It is currently abuse without true security and an attack on the fundamental principles of this country.]

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