Baltimore Sun columnist suggests adding Mac OS X to mix of government computers for safety

“The headaches caused by two significant computer virus outbreaks this summer, the SoBig and Blaster worms, have forced technology gurus in the public and private sectors to re-examine the issue of cyber security,” David Zeiler writes for The Baltimore Sun. “Based on the experience of these two relatively mild viruses, ‘cyber terrorists’ could wreak mayhem easily by exploiting any one of hundreds of known vulnerabilities in Microsift Corp.’s Windows, which reigns as the standard for most businesses and governmental agencies.”

“Several incidents this year alone offer chilling evidence of just how vulnerable the nation’s digital infrastructure is to Windows ‘malware.’ So where does Macintosh fit into this equation? For one thing, as has been noted in two recent columns, Apple Computer Inc.’s Mac OS X is immune to the tens of thousands of viruses and worms that target the Windows operating system, and — thanks to a Unix-based core — it’s also more resistant to attack,” Zeiler writes.

“Adding at least some Macs to the mix of government computers makes sense if for no other reason than to limit the incapacitation and damage from a cyber attack by using more than one operating system,” Zeiler writes. “Given OS X’s resistance to attack and high level of interoperability with Windows networks, Macs would be ideal for such a role.”

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  1. So the Mac is immune not because it is reportedly a miniscule portion of the overall userbase, but because it is much more difficult – if at all possible whatsoever – to wreak such havok on a widescale basis as Windows invites?

    Wow! So why isn’t eveyone switching to Macintosh?

    After switching myself, I’ve gotten many people from my church, family and workplace acquaintances to seriously consider the Mac. This latest round of Windows viruses has only motivated many who were sceptical or otherwise reticent.

  2. Macs, as UNIX systems, are inherently more secure than Windows–numerous articles have discussed that.

    I too believed the security-by-obscurity myth, but it’s just that: a myth.

    As for why more don’t switch… as with most things in life, most people don’t seek the best solution, they follow the herd.

    But the trend toward a healthier balance of Windows and non-Windows computers in the world is gaining steam!

  3. Am I too optimistic to believe in avalanche effect? Could this lead to a whole new market scenario in – say – two~three years?

    What best combination then Panther + G5 for a tremendously efficient, powerful and secure system?

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