Apple removes all references to Virtual PC from ‘Switch’ webpages

Short and sweet: Apple seems to have removed all references to Microsoft’s Virtual PC from its “Switch” webpages in recent days. Previously listed on some Apple pages were references to using Virtual PC to run Windows applications not available for the Macintosh.

The removal of Virtual PC mentions from Apple’s “Switch” webpages seem to coincide with the recent news that Microsoft confirms Virtual PC incompatible with Apple’s G5.

Apple’s “Switch” section is here.

(UPDATE 12:05pm ET: Apple does indeed have one reference left, on the Switch site. It is on this page. Thanks, Swedentom.)


  1. “Anyone heard rumors that Apple has been working on it’s own PC emulation product?”

    If Apple isn’t doing such a thing, it should. Apple should just create a software package that allows the Mac to run Intel/AMD software (with as standard a BIOS, etc. implementation as possible). Then people could buy whatever OS they wanted (various Windows OSes, an Intel/AMD based version of Linux, an Intel/AMD based version of UNIX, or whatever). This way they don’t get into competition problems with Microsoft.

  2. Apple really needs to have a VPC/RealPC type program. And it needs to be there somewhat quickly. DO we really think that Microsuck is going to help with VPC solving this quickly: I don’t think so. I think Apple is finally poised to grab some serious market share. a VPC type program will help get switchers who need one program or two. I use one real program on windows. I also use dos for V for Victory game (my favorite game).

    Please apple hurry and get a quailty emu program and grap that market share.

  3. “Apple should just create a software package that allows the Mac to run Intel/AMD software”

    Surely you jest. What a ridiculous effort that would be. Talk about shoe-horning. Please do a little research on the differences in x86 (Intel/AMD) and RISC (PowerPC) processors before posting such tripe.

  4. From what I’ve heard an Apple branded PC emulation product would be difficult due to required cooperation on Microsoft’s end. I don’t know all the issues but apparently this is one of ’em…

  5. Im not saying that Microsoft ISN’T dumping VIrtual PC, but remember even before they had to be complicit in the deal by selling Connectix Windows licenses.

  6. If Apple were to include/make their own emulation software, the cons of such a debacle would FAR outweigh the pros. Sure we could run Windoze programs, but developers (many, but not all) will stop developing for Mac OS X, as you can just emulate Windows on your Mac. Any idea of turning a Mac into a PC is a bad idea. At first it seems it could make sense, but if you look deeper, it will kill Apple. Why do so many people fail to look at the longer term results? The playing field isn’t going to be the same if Apple introduces such an application, its going to skew horribly.

  7. Micro$oftopoly did not buy the VPC part of Connectix because of the Mac VPC, they did because of VPC for Windows. They are getting ready to drop support for the FAT 16/32 file system in a future release (Longhorn) of ‘doze and VPC will allow them to retain legacy support without building it into future releases of ‘doze. Why? Legacy support is one big contributor to the instability issues with ‘doze, as complexity breeds potential conflicts. Incorporating VPC technology into their server software will solve a lot of headaches for them in the future. The Mac VPC is just gravy along for the ride.

  8. Any idea of turning a Mac into a PC is a bad idea.

    I just need VPC to validate my cross platform web site. I don’t want to use a cheap PC and works with two keybord two screen and three button..

    Nice day

  9. Technically, Apple DID have a Windows emulation, and probably still do. NeXTStep (which OSX is built on) had a built in Windows emulation. I beleive it was called Yellow Box. In the original Beta release of OSX, there was still a splash screen for it tucked deed in the system (with both the NeXT and Windows logos on it, if I remember correctly).

  10. Apple’s been making apps that are compatible with Windows features for a while, plus adding features to current apps (I.E. the Panther version of TextEdit can read .DOC files). While I doubt they’d make their own version of Virtual PC, how cool would it be if Apple could engineer a way to just run Windows apps on OS X? Without the hassle of having to actually use Windows! I’m thinking it would run like Classic does.

    Granted – that would be a huge tax on resources, would take tons of time to develop, plus would Microsoft even permit such a thing?

  11. Why are people so worried about Microsoft shutting off VPC.
    VPC emulates intel HARDWARE, not Microsoft SOFTWARE; Microsoft still gets a full payment on a full license of windows when you use the emulator; and all Microsoft cares about is that you are running their software on everything digital (as you can see from their product line (from Car embeded systems, to large enterprise and Scientific clusters)
    they don’t see it as a bad thing that VPC unables Macs to run windows quite the contrary they see it as getting the whole PIE. I mean if the remaning 5% of cpu Users also runs windows in Emulation, why wouldn’t they be so so so happy?
    Really the only company that should be mad here is Intel because they are the ones being bipassed by this software.
    Wether microsoft uses it to do virtualization on large servers, or uses it to emulate intel hardware on non intel machines, they loose always.
    because everycopy of VPC that is running is an intel compatible processor not being used.
    so I don’t think people should fret about Microsoft shooting themselves in the foot. (in fact I can see them making it that only windows can run on vpc asap, before anything else happens.)

    Really what needs to happen is that people stop using Microsoft products period, even if it makes their lives a little difficult; and find replacements in O-S and other alternative directions.

    Everycopy of a Microsoft OS that is bought wether on a cell phone or PDA, or in emulation software; is a percentage point more for Microsoft’s aim of dominating the Market.
    leave it alone.
    don’t touch it with a ten foot pole.
    avoid at all cost.

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