The one thing Microsoft’s providing now is leadership in viruses

“A virus that debuted this week has been declared the fastest spreading e-mail plague of all time, while another malicious program that hit last week continued to disrupt computers worldwide. MessageLabs Inc., a company that filters e-mail for corporate clients around the world, Wednesday said it had intercepted more than a million copies of the “Sobig.F” virus the previous day, the most it has ever intercepted in a single day. That was one in every 17 e-mail messages the firm scanned,” writes Riva Richmond for Dow Jones Newswires.

Richmond reports, “‘That’s just a number we’ve never seen before,’ said Brian Czarny, MessageLabs’ marketing director. The most widespread virus of all time, ‘Klez,’ at its peak accounted for one in 125 messages scanned. Sobig.F continued to spread aggressively on Wednesday, though the pace eased off a bit to about one in 60 messages, he said.”

Full article here.

The headline for this article was contributed by MacDailyNews Opinion columnist, SteveJack. You may recognize the phrasing from Bill Gates’ comment regarding Apple’s debut of iMacs in five colors, “The one thing Apple’s providing now is leadership in colors.” – Bill Gates, July 1999.


  1. I have to say I’m kicking myself for buying a copy of XP instead of Linux or some other non-M$, their smarmy attitude makes me wonder if they aren’t the biggest national security risk we face.

  2. From the linked story above…

    “I got 1300 junk e-mails `delivered’ this AM,” he said in a message to subscribers Thursday. “Find the person and put him/her in jail.”

    The person that wrote the virus, or the person that sold you a ‘trustworthy’ OS?

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  3. To Chomper –

    You can still rescue yourself for $0 … FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux are all preferable to XP from a security point of view and area free.

    If you value your time and frustration at more than a few bucks and hour you can sell your machine on eBay and get a Mac with OS X.

  4. “FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux are all preferable to XP from a security point of view and area free.”

    Not according to a 12-6-02 article from, which relied on a report from Technology Risk Management Company. writes:

    “Mac OS is one of the hardest op systems for hackers to break into, and Windows is by far the easiest, with Linux a close second. Mac OS joins two obscure Unix variants as the most secure op systems available. The other two are Tru64 (Compaq Corporation) and SCO Unix (The SCO Group, Inc.). “

  5. There is one other issue which should make people think about Microsoft sw development practices:

    “MSBlaster’s ability to affect practically all versions of Windows shows that despite Microsoft’s marketing flacks, there is still significant code shared between all versions of Windows. Anyone who thinks DOS is dead, or Windows XP’s code internals have little in-common with Windows NT 4 should think again. MSBlaster proves it.”

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