Quicken 2004 for Mac OS X and OS 9 debuts

Intuit has announced their personal financial information management application, Quicken 2004 for the Mac. According to Intuit, Quicken 2004 for Mac, which will ship today, adds features to monitor an entire portfolio more easily, new integration with Apple iCal calendaring application, an Emergency Records Organizer to track essential records in one central location, and enhancements to the Quicken Bill Pay service.

Quicken 2004 for Mac is for Mac OS 9/X and will be available for $70 with a $20 rebate for previous Quicken users. An additional $10 instant online rebate is also available.

More information here.


  1. This shipped a week or more ago and has already been in stores for several days. Unfortunately it still sucks too compared to Microsoft Money or even their own Windows version. It’s really too bad there isn’t a decent alternative available. This is one of the only areas where the Mac still lags way behind Windows software wise.

  2. Robert, further to that. I’ve yet to find a decent equivellant to MS Project (mind you this has issues) on the Mac. It would great if some Apple developers could design some decent project management software.

  3. Try working with multiple resources in FastTrack. It takes 5 minutes for the beach ball to stop spinning after any changes or addtions are made. Their tech support confirmed to me that it is a problem. It can’t handle multiple projects in seperate related files either. It’s too bad because I really wanted to make it work for us. I finally had to break down and buy and Emachine, Windows XP, M$ Project. Our entire construction company is run on Macs and it’s awesome. What a pile of crap XP and the emachine is.

  4. I’ll certainly agree that it still seems like they really don’t care about the Mac. I sent in two bug reports the first day I used it – bug reports on things that should have been caught early in beta testing. Did they *do* beta testing?

  5. As to the question, “Do they even do beta testing?” I am on the Quicken for Mac email list and get invites to be a beta tester all the time. Maybe one day I’ll take them up on their offer.

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