Apple launches ‘iPod-a-Day Giveaway’

Apple has launched its ‘iPod-a-Day Giveaway’ promotion:

“We are giving away a 10GB iPod every day between August 20 and September 20, 2003. Create a new iTunes Music Store account during this time, and you will automatically be entered into our daily drawing. Once you create an account, your name stays in the drawing until September 20, so the earlier you sign up, the more chances you have to win,” reads Apple’s webpage here.

Individuals also may enter by hand-printing their name, complete address, daytime phone number and e-mail address (if available) on a 3 x 5 postcard and mailing to: iTunes Music Store iPod-A-Day Giveaway, 1 Infinite Loop


  1. Why don’t they have an online option for those of us who already have accounts? Instead, we have to spend money on a stamp and loose drawing opportunities to the snail-mail. Sheesh…

  2. Suckers, you won’t win one. I’m sure they’re doing this to woo more artists from the other “craptacular” music sites. Seing as how this will boost their numbers of users, we should see more artists songs soon.

    Besides, a 10 gig ipod is just a tease, they should give out the 15’s or 30’s, that would make more sense.

  3. Be nice if they expanded the store to outside of the U.S., then I could enter as well. We are just a tad north here in Canada – still waiting for the store to activate.

  4. Oh please stop whining. Why is it that the early adopters always whine when there is a subsequent promotion to lure in new buyers? The fact that Apple allows you to enter manually is a bonus. So, either send in your entry and get over it, or just get over it.

  5. I agree with Big Babies. Everyone stop whining. People who haven’t joined the ITMS should be rewarded for joining, and the sweepstakes is fair, everyone can have a chance to win if they just follow the rules.

    I already feel lucky to have joined the ITMS, its a great way to sample and buy music. So cheap too!

  6. I also had not signed up because I don’t have a CD burner. I listen to music mostly in my car.

    But now I’ve signed up. Free iPod, here I come! (yeah right, my luck sucks)


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