legal team shuts down parody site

“Popular parody was shut down [last Friday] at the request of’s legal team. The site has been taken down and a short notice has been posted in its place explaining the circumstances. During its relatively short, three week existence on the Internet, played host to tens of thousands of visitors, and was featured across the Mac web, as well as in web publications such as Wired magazine for standing up and speaking against the shady business practices of in the form of a parody. While has been shut down temporarily, its impact on the web lives on. At present, similar sites, such as are still up and running, and we’d encourage you to have a look them while you still can,” reports’s Clark Mueller.

MacDailyNews reported on the launch of on July 30, 2003.

Read the notice on here.


  1. LOL… the company that blantantly rips off Apple has no sense of humor. I say that DontBuyMusic should stay up in defiance of the lawyers until buymusic cease and desist in their intrusion on Apple.


  2. It’s really sad when corporations can dictate what can be put on the web. could also be just a site that advocates not buying music from the RIAA backed companies.

    I wish someone with some deep pockets or a law firm not on the take could challenge this in court.

  3. As a parody it is protected speech. What they need to do is modify it to be more blatant, like TheOnion. Legaly the problem is that to the average person it may not be clear that it is a parody.


  4. What Hypocrites. They admitted to copying Apple’s iTunes Music Store commercials and poorly too. But when a group of kids did it, and did it well, they whine.

  5. <diatribe>
    The copycatters still haven’t released any hard sales figures – I’m not talking about silly ballpark figures like “lots & lots”, “millions”, or even “more than 100,000” – I’m talking actual numbers – digits – in some semblance of an accounting statement. How many weeks has it been? When are they scheduled to release an earnings statement? Are they even going to?

  6. I commented to my GF the other day that since buymusics introduction, after the initial hullalabaloo, there has been a a whole lot of nothing being said.


  7. It is interesting looking at the traffic rank for … they burst up to the about the top 1000 sites, but have decayed to below the top 10,000…

    they don’t seem to be growing…

  8. i just loaded there site by using the debug menu o’ safari to emulate MSIE 6.0….. im glad that i dont have to ever see that site again…. geez what a peice of crap……


    dear get a sense of humor.

    thank you

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