Apple posts tribute to Gregory Hines

Apple Computer, Inc. has posted a tribute to the life of Gregory Hines (1946-2003). Hines was an active Mac user and participated in several notable Apple events, including Macworld and AppleMasters technology showcases:

“Born in New York City, Gregory Hines began dancing, with big brother, Maurice, at the age of not-quite-three, under the tutelage of tap master Henry LeTang. As soon as Gregory turned five, the brothers went professional as the Hines Kids, making nightclub appearances around the country and virtually growing up backstage at the Apollo theater, where they were witness to the performances and advice of tap dance legends like Honi Coles, Sandman Sims, the Nicholas Brothers and Teddy Hale (Gregory


  1. didn’t Apple drop the “Computer” from their name sometime back in the ’90’s? when you go to, it hasn’t said “Apple Computer, Inc.” in a long time.

    just wondering…..very cool tribute to Hines

  2. Very nice tribute. I saw so much bashing yesterday from people picking on Apple for not putting up a tribute. I hope that this satisfies them. Mr. Hines was a fantastic performer and will be missed.

  3. They use Apple in advertising — such as in the Goldblum-dubbed commercials everyone knows and loves — but the company name is still Apple Computer, Inc. Look on the bottom of pages at [url=],[/url] you’ll see the copyright slug still says Apple Computer, Inc.

    Speaking of copyright slugs, I agree with the first post by um…, you people should’ve linked to Apple and not reposted their entire tribute here.

  4. Yeah, Apple should sue a site that lives and breathes Mac for reposting a history of a recently passed on AppleMaster. Duh. Apple should thank MacDailyNews and other Mac sites every day for doing what they do to promote the platform!

  5. Copyright protects commercial use. I don’t think Apple would want it thought that this article was a attempt to draw people to their site, and so copyright is irrelevant. A sincere tribute is meant to be distributed freely.

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