Add fountain of exploding particles to iTunes’ visualization for free

Fountain Music is an iTunes visualization which animates a fountain of particles exploding to the music. It’s like water… for your tunes.

– Responds to the beat of the music
– 6 different modes
– Simulates gravity
– Draws thousands of particles in 3D using OpenGL
– Displays track info

More info and free download here.


  1. Nice concept, excellent price, but it doesn’t seem to react to music. It spouts and spurts just as much to silent passages as it does with hard rock. I saw no difference between various songs or varying passages within the same song. It simply seems random, not unlike a screen saver.

    For a 28k file size, I am impressed.

    But for someone that likes to use the iTunes (and its associated display on a tv) during parties, this one doesn’t react accurately enough (if at all) with the music.

    Nice screen saver – poor iTunes visualizer.

  2. Update to my previous comment:

    After watching it for 20 full minutes with various tunes, I was able to see some reaction to music. But, the constantly tall central fountain and unexplained random bursts hide the smaller lateral sprays that seem to be responding to music.

    I would like to see the central fountain respond to the lower third of the frequencies and less dramatic reaction to high noise (cymbal crash, etc).

    The overall results are still a bit too random in appearance.

    Yes, I do realize the file size of my comments are larger than the program itself.

    On the positive side, I give the young programmer an A+ for the effort and imagination!! …and proving to the world the ease of Apple programming to produce quality results.

    Good job!

  3. Some things do respond to music–and some songs more than others. But other things are going on at random so it’s hard to tell.

    Still neat, and free! And very compact, too.

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