Apple soon to debut wireless mouse and keyboard option

“Apple’s peripheral team has been hard at work on yet another revision to the Apple Pro keyboard and mouse. Expected to be wrapped up in time for the release of Panther, the new input devices will sport a Power Macintosh G5 aluminum color scheme, but contain no wires,” reports

“For the first time, Apple will soon offer consumers a choice of keyboard and mice via… the Apple Online Store. The standard retail configurations of Apple’s Power Macintosh G5 computer will include the current, wired Apple Pro mouse and keyboard. For an additional cost, consumers who purchase the Wireless Bluetooth module will have the option of buying the first Apple-branded Bluetooth Wireless Pro Mouse and Keyboard,” reports.

No word on whether the new mouse will include the usual single or multiple buttons/scroll wheel.

Full article here.


  1. But for PowerBook travelers, with Kensington you must carry a transmitter pod–attached by a cable mess–as well as the mouse. Not good.

    A Bluetooth mouse, that you can carry alone, is what a portable user really needs.

  2. Why is the two button mouse thing such an issue? Apple should incorporate the held click into the OS to replace control click, and open further menu options … Intelligent programs already use it to open up menus that offer greater options. I can’t understand why Safari persists with control+click when a single held mouse click is all it would take to solve the two button problem and make the program more elegant. The iCab browser uses the held mouse click extremely elegantly to bring up a menu giving options for opening links etc. If more programs did the same then a two button mouse would remain quite redundant.

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