Flaw City: Microsoft Windows in security meltdown?

The last two months have been quite interesting in Windows-land. A quick perusal of PCWorld.com for the past two months turns up the following:

– 28-May-2003: Microsoft Pulls XP Security Update – Software glitch caused some Internet connections to fail.
– 29-May-2003: Microsoft Patches Two Software Flaws – Security holes found in IIS, Windows Media Services.
– 29-May-2003: Microsoft Tries to Clean Its Code – New team hopes to create software with fewer flaws.
– 04-Jun-2003: Microsoft Vows to Fix Patch Problems – A simpler system for fixing security flaws is coming, company says.
– 25-Jun-2003: A Big Microsoft Mess–Patches Gone Bad – The company now says that XP performance issues don’t warrant a remedy.
– 25-Jun-2003: Microsoft Warns of Windows Media Flaws – New security threats affect Windows Media Services, Media Player 9.
– 09-Jul-2003: Microsoft Patches ‘Critical’ Windows Hole – Flaw leaves all versions of Windows open to Web-based attack.
– 16-Jul-2003: Three New Windows Flaws Reported – Microsoft urges users to patch new vulnerabilities in all versions of OS.
– 24-Jul-2003: Microsoft Warns of Critical Windows Flaw – DirectX bugs could allow attacker to take over your PC.

And the latest PC World article, 29-Jul-2003: “Exploit Code Posted for Windows Hole – Hackers could use the code to create mass-mailing worms” can be found here.

More information and links for each of the articles listed above are here.


  1. I’m sure Mac OSX has as many or more problems. Microsoft is the largest software company in the world! People choose Windows 97-3 over Apple for a reason. Every operating system has issues – it’s a very complicated code. This article is FUD!

  2. Nice try, Georgy Porgy Pudding Pie – Windows Sucks and the ONLY reason why it’s so prevalent is because Steve Jobs was not around to fight Microsoft all those years ago for mass acceptance of the Mac platform. He’s doing an amazing job now, though, and it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft self-destructs completely.

    Funny how you Wintel nerds keep trying to take jabs at the Mac in these Mac-only forums. You guys really are an insecure bunch.

  3. Nobody, but a handful use Macs. People are happy with Windows. All of these issues are patched. Just apply the patches when they come out. It’s simpler than using a niche OS like Mac.

  4. If you prefer Windows and don’t mind applying multiple patches virtually every week then be my guest. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to switch from Windows to OS X. Quite frankly though, I have much better things to do with my time than having to regularly patch my system and constantly scan for viruses and spyware all the time.

  5. Please explain to me how using Windows is “simpler” when you’re constantly having to maintain it all of time? Would you also prefer driving a car that you had to spend time working on to keep it running all of the time too? “Simple” definitely wouldn’t be the term I’d use for that…

  6. Hey George,

    explain why beta versions of OSX (full OS) was more stable than any released or patched version of Windows.

    Win2000 was released with over 60,000 known bugs. Each patch handles about 500 bugs and major issues.

  7. George,
    If you are so happy with XP or whatever version of Windoze you’re on…why are you posting here?

    BTW the number is more like 90 – 10 if you count USER BASE, and not just QUARTERLY SALES.

  8. “People choose Windows 97-3 over Apple for a reason”

    Go on then, tell us the reason.

    BTW, I do think the article borders on FUD and I also think a Windows user should come to these mac-only forums if these mac-only forums are reporting on windows issues.

    So I may be in a minority, but I’d welcome meaningful balanced opinion from windows users here. For windows users there’s a lot of FUD regarding the mac and for mac users there’s a lot of RDF. MDN can suffer from the RDF a little too much I think. Personally I think Macs rock and PCs suck but not as much as others around here do.

  9. George wrote: “People are happy with Windows.”

    Ignorance is bliss, as they say. People are happy with Windows because they don’t have any other frame of reference. A buggy, unsecure crash-prone OS is all they know and expect.

  10. “People are happy with Windows.”

    You don’t really believe that, do you? Most people don’t even realize they have a choice. Most people think that Windows’ problems are synonymous with computer problems, and that they’re par for the course and part of using a computer. Mac users know better.

    “All of these issues are patched. Just apply the patches when they come out. “

    If your car broke all the time but your mechanic simply told you, “All these problems have been documented in service bulletins. Just bring your car in every time it breaks and we’ll fix it”, would you really think your car wasn’t a POS?

    “It’s simpler than using a niche OS like Mac.”

    Nothing about Windows is simpler than the Mac, except maybe finding software in Office Depot.

  11. George, you are “sure” that OS X has as many or more bugs? Sounds to me in the way you phrased your statement that you haven’t even tried it. I have, and switched from years of headaches and bul**** from Redmond to a powerful and stable OS that beats every Microsoft OS that I have ever uses (right up to XP).

    The only thing that Windows has over OS X is it’s legion of geek hobbyists that actually LIKE IT when the system goes funky… then they get to screw around with patches and DLL’s and all of the other crap that goes along with the OS. If you switched to a mac your hobby times could be made productive by poking around in UNIX and CREATING something instead of legacy DOS and constantly FIXING something. But therein lies a great difference, the DOS-heads want to fix and tweak, the UNIX and OS X users want to create.

  12. Lets see, the Windows OS supports a lot of legacy code, and a lot of third party drivers exist to mix things up even more. Luckily, Mac OS X is new from the ground up – unfortunate for older softz that havent made the transition. You would think the richest man in America (if not in top 3 for sure) could find a way to assemble a team of flawless programmers. The best money can buy isnt enough? I have an AMD 1800 and a g4 867, xp and osx respectively, the XP machine is slow to the point you have to restart just to work sometimes and is full of spyware and adware. The os x machine takes 3x as long to boot, but then its fine and shuts down 5x as fast. And sleep mode has never been more than a blessing.

  13. I am a Windows user and i have to tell you that Windows Xp is a better system then my prior Windows Me, but it is still a POS!! i mean the other day i had to completely re-format my hard drive because of a problem that i didn’t cause, out of nowhere my system crashed and couldn’t be recovered!! for NO reason at all!! I mean give me a break Microsoft, for a company that has the majority of users in the world, make a better system! and Microsoft didn’t even help me, they just told me it was useless and i had to loose my data on my computer! that was after a 5 hour wait on the tech support phone!

    If anyone says that Windows is better then a mac they are morons! I am saving up for my first Mac and all my friends with Mac’s have never had problems like i have had with my PC!! (PC stands for Piece of Crap)

    If only people realized that there was something better out there, the problem is too many people are scared of the unknown and are afraid of what they don’t know! that is the reason so many people have windows, and to be part of the crowd, i mean if everone else does it, why not right!!! stupid people!

    i for one don’t want to be one of those moronic Windows users anymore and i am getting out as soon as huminly possible!

    Just a modest Windows User’s opinion ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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