Mainstream media bias against Macintosh reflected in Adobe Premiere headlines

We are pointing out this article, since we predicted it earlier today in our article, “Apple’s Final Cut Pro kills Adobe Premiere on Mac platform” and because this AP story will be picked up by thousands of media outlets worldwide with the AP’s misleading headline fully or partially intact.

Note the difference between our headline, “Apple’s Final Cut Pro kills Adobe Premiere on Mac platform” and the Associated Press headline, “Adobe the latest to abandon software versions for Mac computers.” You make the call as to which one more closely spells out the truth of the situation.

Although the author, May Wong, explains within the article that Apple makes Final Cut Pro for the Mac, she fails to explain that Final Cut Pro is widely regarded as superior to Adobe Premiere. Regardless, the damage to Apple is done very succinctly via the headline which gives the false impression that major developers are abandoning Apple’s Macintosh platform en masse.

“In the latest instance of an outside developer abandoning the Macintosh platform, Adobe Systems Inc. announced Monday that the latest overhaul of its flagship video editing program Premiere would no longer work on Macintosh computers. Adobe said the software version will only be compatible with Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP operating system. Adobe’s new Encore DVD-creation program, due to ship in the summer, will not have a Macintosh version either. Both programs will be part of a Windows-only software package called Adobe Video Collection,’ Wong writes.

Wong continues, “Adobe’s latest defection did not surprise analysts. Making a piece of software compatible with multiple platforms takes time, effort – and money. Add to that the slow economy and Apple’s desktop market share of 3 percent to 5 percent, and companies are less willing to make the investment of building for the Macintosh if they expect a low profit return, said Paul Ritter, analyst with industry research firm Yankee Group.”

Full article here.


  1. More importantly–when exactly is the 64 bit machine
    going to be out and when will processor speed rival that
    of WinTel? Trading misleading headlines doesnt get anybody

  2. Right…I guess the fact that Apple’s registered developers has tripled to over 300,000 in the last year is a testament to this reporter’s blanket statement regarding the Mac. I’ve said it many times in the past year, analysts and critics of the Mac platform are scared stiff that Steve and Company really have the platform rocking. Failure to recognize the impact of the G5’s, the tens of millions of iPods that will be sold, the iTunes Music Store, iSight and all the great software that keeps coming from Apple will prove to be the final nail in the coffin for these bozos.

    What happens when Apple is selling over 100 million songs a month or selling 600,000 to 700,000 PowerMacs a quarter? This developments are inevitable and can only strengthen Apple’s rock-solid financials. Some people will never learn.

  3. The author is clearly not a seasoned tech industry watcher. Naivety is blatent throughout the piece.

    Consider that overall Mac marketshare is anywhere from around 2-10%, depending who you ask. However, in the creative industries, Macs are typically in the majority. The MDN-corrrected headline is far more accurate to the situation. An alternative would go something like this: “Adobe concedes defeat to Final Cut Pro on the Macintosh platform.”

  4. Usually, I think you guys are a little too paranoid, but I think you got it right this time. I don’t see it as a conspiracy, though, just ignorance. Associated Press…are they still using teletypes? Change the roll, dudes!

  5. Randy Ubillos prototyped and developed Premiere 1 through 5 before leaving to create FCP, when Adobe’s suits said he couldn’t re-write the app from scratch to make it easier & more powerful. He left for Macromedia who funded the initial development of an x-plat FCP. MACR’s VC’s forced the sale to Apple when they focused MACR as an internet company, instead of an Adobe clone.

  6. Why does Apple always get the journalists who have an axe to grind? Ugh. Really, aside from getting angered, the best I can do is keep buying Apple and wait for a year when our marketshare will be higher and Apple’s respect in the world should have gone up.

  7. One question is what is the percentage of commercial graphic designers use MAC over Wintel boxes?

    My graphics department uses MAC’s while the rest of the company uses Wintels.

  8. This is example number 1,000,001 of “Professional Journalists” at work. It’s not just tech reporting, it’s VERY widespread. Remember that when some “bubble-headed bleached-blonde” is holding forth like the oracle on your tv.
    (With apologies to Don Henley)

  9. What a ignorant uneducated journalist. Just another journalist hungry to make as buck, without any research. It’s evident she’s never even seen Final Cut Pro or compared the products side by side.
    What’s her name is WONG! lmao ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  10. the ever-so-weilded explanation of 3-5% of marketshare is so tilted. yes, in the general population, 3-5% of marketshare is correct, but NOT in this business. i don’t know off hand, but almost every production house we compete with is at least 50% mac running FCP, photoshop, illustrator, after effects. in THIS business, ie DCC, editing, etc, Apple has a handy percentage. So many of these articles are looking to blast the Mac platform without any journalistic creditibility. Just bias.

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