Apple’s ‘IP-Over-FireWire’ software networks Macs via FireWire

“FireWire isn’t just for connecting iPods and DVD burners anymore. A software package from Apple lets you use plain old-and fancy new-FireWire cables to connect Macs in a network. Apple’s IP-over-FireWire software turns a FireWire bus into something akin to an Ethernet port. Just like a wired or wireless network, a FireWire network can use TCP/IP, the standard Internet protocol, to carry data,” reports Glenn Fleishman for NewsFactor Network.

“Apple sees IP-over-FireWire as a server product; it’s not releasing the software as a general download at this time. However, individual users can register for the free online developer program and then download the IP-over-FireWire package to install on Mac OS X,” Fleishman reports.

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  1. Apple copyrighted the name “GigaWire” sometime last year (if memory serves correctly). I would imagine this is what it is for – Gigabit Ethernet over Firewire. I would expect it to be part of the next XServe package.

  2. so,
    i’m wondering if i could use this to set up a file server/back-up storage tower that would be acting like a big firwire drive of sorts.

    i could get a 200GB firewire hard drive and be crying for more space in a month


    buy an old cheap firwire mac tower and stick as many big hard drives in it as possible.

    and use the IP-over-firewire software to connect to the tower when i need it.

    what do you think?

  3. I installed the beta version, and right after that, every time my computer boots up, I get a 3-second to 1-minute pause on startup, waiting for the network to initialize. And I can’t find any way to uninstall the thing….

  4. I’ve been using this since December. It works really well with Windows XP, which has IP over Firewire built in. I noticed that, when using it to network my PowerBook G4 12″ to a 17″ iMac, I had to enter in the IP addresses manually though.

    If you’re using the latest version of IP over Firewire, with Mac OS 10.2.6, the delay at the “Waiting for network initialization…” notice is no longer a problem. Otherwise, just disable Firewire networking in your Network settings, in System Preferences, to get rid of that start-up delay.

  5. It doesn’t look like anyone has an ethernet<->Firewire adapter yet, although there are ethernet<->USB adapters by Netgear and SMC. They would get you 10Mbits/sec ethernet no problem, and are cheap.

  6. It has to be said: Windows XP has had IP over Firewire with full DHCP and bridging (even to ethernet) since day one. It works very well and easily.

    Personally, I love the irony of that.

  7. Am I right at guessing that I can dasiy chain macs together on firewire like I can daisy chain hard drives? You know have A connected to B and B connected to C. In that layout will A be able to talk to C?

    And Also the longest FireWire 400 cable one can buy is a max of 12 feet right?

  8. Nick: thanks for the advice… but that didn’t do it. Disabled Firewire as a location–and I was using the latest (May 2003) version of IPoF and 10.2.6. Still get the delay. Ah well–I’ll be wiping the hard drive and reinstalling everything in August anyway.

  9. I love MACs but use PC yet (XP skinnned Jaguar brushed). Have almost for TWO years IP over FireWire, since changed from 98 to Windows ME and it is excelent between two machines. People says it works between Mac & PC since OSX suporting SAMBA.

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