Nielsen/NetRatings: leads tally of visits to hardware sites

“Outshining HP and Dell, Apple Computer Corp. received the most unique visitors to its web site for the week ending June 15, according to a survey by Nielsen/NetRatings of the top five web sites operated by manufacturers that sell computer hardware. Apple showed a unique audience of 3.6 million, 46% more than second-place Hewlett-Packard Co., at 2.4 million,” reports reports, “Apple and HP reversed rolls, however, in terms of visit time per person. Apple showed the least amount of time per visit, at 3 minutes., 44 seconds., compared to HP, which had the longest time per visit, at 19 minutes., 46 seconds.”

“The other manufacturers cited by Nielsen/NetRatings in the top five, with their unique audience followed by time per visitor:
— Dell Computer Corp., 2.1 million; 8 minutes, 50 seconds
— Gateway Computer Corp., 347,000; 9 minutes, 5 seconds
— Toshiba, 215,000; 9 minutes, 35 seconds.
Nielsen reported that the number of unique visitors to all computer hardware manufacturers’ web sites was 5.9 million. Many of these visitors would have visited multiple sites, Nielsen says,” reports Full article here.


  1. Anyone who has had to look for anything on the Dell or HP site knows why people stay on longer, it takes forever to find ANYTHING. Go looking on HP for the Driver for a Laserjet 5 that allows you to print via IP…. see ya in 6 hours.

  2. Maybe not 6 hours, but I agree. I have to use HP’s site daily for work (yes I work for them) and I know how hard it can be finding things on it. When I go to Apple’s site I am in and out because it is simple to navigate and I can find what I want without searching for it.

  3. If a company cannot get their website to be easy to navigate, is that indicative of their inability to create simplicity with any of their products or is it indicative of their level of customer care/service?

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