Marathon Computer announces new port replicator

Marathon Computer, makers of rackmount solutions and other accessories for Macintosh, has announced a new addition to its lineup of products for the desktop Macintosh user.

“The RePorter is an elegant solution to a problem facing most desktop Macintosh users every day: an easy, convenient way to get to the ports on the back of the machine,” says Marathon spokesman David Soch.

The RePorter is a simple, compact extension, through a single cable, of the FireWire, USB and audio ports usually located on the backplane of a desktop Macintosh. Rather than add size or mass to the design so that it will stay put on your desk, Marathon has chosen a more elegant approach. “The design of the RePorter begs to be picked up and cradled in your hand,” explains Soch. “It doesn’t have any fixed ‘up’ or ‘down’ orientation. You don’t have to steady the box on your desk while you plug into it, and you don’t have cables trying to torque the box off of its feet.”

RePorter features include:

– A single cable with connectors to the rear ports of your Macintosh.
– Rugged high-impact plastic housing.
– Two Type A standard flat USB ports.
– FireWire 400- and 800- compatible ports.
– Stereo 1/8″ in and out mini audio ports.

Introductory price has been set at $99. More info here.

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  1. What I really want is someone to create a single powered box that has both firewire and USB 2.0 sockets (I’d say at least 4 of each, maybe 6) that could sit on my desk and use a single power brick. Ideally it would have 2 of each type of jack on the front for camera/portable/whatever access as well as others on the back for more permanent connections (scanner, Palm cradle, printer, etc.). It would occupy only a single USB and firewire jack on the back of my computer (regardless of model), leaving the others available. Just me? Or does this sound like a solution others could use?

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